Side channel pumps fill the hydraulic performance void between positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. Since the impeller makes regenerative passes through the liquid, it is similar to a regenerative turbine. However, the actual design of the impeller and casing and the principles of operation differ greatly. The corresponding pressure increase (pump head) equals 5 to 10 times the amount generated by a similar size centrifugal pump at the same RPM.

Unlike other pump designs, the side channel pump can accommodate the transfer of liquid and gas mixtures with up to 50% entrained gas. This feature greater reduces the possibility air or vapor locking that can occur in other pump designs. A special suction impeller lowers the NPSH requirement for the pump. Ali Yaqoob Trading offers several models of side channel pumps for wide range of differential pressures and capacities.

Side channel pumps are available with mechanical seal or sealless (magnetic drive) option. Side channel pumps perform well in high differential pressure applications such as carrousel filling stations, autogas filling stations that use below ground tanks, aerosol filling stations, and boiler feed. Suitable for propane, butane, ammonia, water, refrigerants, and many more.


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