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Samoa Pumpmaster Bantam PM45 Series Pump

The majority of fluid and semi-fluid materials can be transferred by the general-purpose Bantam PM45 Series air motor pumps, which have a 4 1/2" diameter. These pumps are heavy enough to meet daily pumping needs, but they are also light enough to be used with a mobile single post Power Ram.

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air motor effective diameter 4 1/2" (115 mm)
stroke 4 (100 mm)
air pressure range 1.5 - 7 bar (20 - 100 psi)
air inlet port 1/2" BSP (F)
air exhaust port exhaust muffler included (3/4" F threaded port remote exhaust)
Noise level (7 bar - 100 psi/1m - 3 ft) 80 db (A)
air motor pump design Divorced type




Part No.

542 001

542 010

Pump ratio



Fluid Inlet type

Ball Check

Ball Check

Fluid inlet thread

2” BSP (M)

2” BSP (M)

Fluid outlet thread

¾” BSP (F)

¾” BSP (F)

Displacement per cycle

180 cc

125 cc

Approx. cycles per liter



Standard flow rate*

2.5 kg/min

1.5 kg/min

Dimension X-Y-Z (mm)

723 – 320 - 54

723 – 350 - 50


Pump hoist or power ram with 200 kg drums

Pump hoist or power ram with 200 kg drums or mobile unit with 20 kg pails

*Flow rates with ink at 7 bar – 100 psi air inlet pressure and 60 cycles per minute.

SAMOA recommends pumps to work at 30 cycles per mintute for reduced wear on moving parts and minimized maintenance.

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