Ali Yaqoob Trading is the leading stockist and supplier of high-quality pipe fittings and valves in the UAE. With nearly four decades of industry experience, we are committed to providing our customers with competitively priced products backed by a prompt, efficient, and personal service. Our comprehensive product inventory is composed of both high and low pressure valves that are fully certified, including ball valves, knife edge gate valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, safety valves, butterfly valves, and float valves. We source our valves from leading manufacturers in the industry and we ensure each product is designed, manufactured, and tested in full accordance with API, ASME, and International Standards.

A valve is a simple mechanical device used in piping systems to control the amount of fluid or gas that passes through it. Our valves are exclusively used in industries such as automation, oil & gas, mining, sewage treatment, power generation and many more. At Ali Yaqoob Trading, we not only supply valves against specific requirements, but we also assist our customers in selecting valves suitable for their application. Each product that we showcase on our website is safety-checked and quality-tested before shipping. Choose Ali Yaqoob Trading as your valve supplier and be rest assured you’ll only receive premium quality products. For more information on our products, or to receive a customized quote, get in touch with us today!


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How to Choose the Right Valve for your application

Prior to making a valve purchase, it is crucial to understand the system requirements. By having the right valves in place, you can minimize some of the risks inherent in many industrial processes. If you are unable to make a suitable selection against your requirement, Below are some of the factors that one will need to consider when selecting the right valve for your system.

Flow Media

The type of fluid that flows through the valve plays a significant role in the valve selection process. Is the flow media corrosive or abrasive in nature? What is its chemical reactivity with the valve material?

System Pressure and Temperature

Your valve of choice should be able to withstand and operate efficiently under the environmental conditions of the system, including high or low temperatures and pressure extremes.

Application and Function

Based on your system, valves at times may be required to perform more than one function. From shutting-off and diverting flow to providing pressure relief and preventing backflow, choose a valve that perfectly meets the requirements of your application.

Valve Material

The chemical compatibility of your valve with your industrial unit should play a heavy-handed role in the valve selection procedure. Valves made from copper alloys are mostly preferred by industries within the oil and gas manufacturing industries, while plastic valves are highly effective in corrosive conditions.

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