Ali Yaqoob Trading is proud to be recognized as the leading supplier of flow meters in Dubai, UAE. We have in stock the most comprehensive range of high-quality flow meter UAE and related accessories for accurate measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.

A flow meter is an instrument that measure the volume or mass of a fluid traveling through it. No two meters are the same, and each type is better suited for different applications. As specialists in flow meter measurement, we supply rugged corrosion-resistant meters that are durable and suited for even the most challenging applications. Incredible utility, visual clarity, and amazing accuracy are what you can expect from our line of flow meters.

Our meters cater to  several industries, including petroleum, F&B, chemical, irrigation, terminal, marine, aviation and military markets. Apart from sales and flow meter calibration services, we also provide a full suite of installation and support services to customers based in Dubai, UAE, GCC & East Africa. If you’d like a quote for any of our meters, send us an inquiry or email us at: [email protected].

Our wide range of flow meters are now available in Saudi ArabiaOmanQatarYemenIraq as well.


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Importance of Hiring a Reputed Flow Meter Supplier in Dubai, UAE

In the ever-changing UAE industrial landscape, choosing a reliable flow meter supplier is crucial. Multiple industries, including oil and gas, water treatment, and others, rely on flow meters as crucial components. The reliability and accuracy of flow meters directly impact process efficiency, product quality, and operational success. To ensure seamless operations and outstanding performance in different applications, it is essential to partner with a dependable flow meter supplier in the UAE. To accurately measure the flow rate or volume of liquids or gasses in pipes, flow meters are indispensable tools. Ali Yaqoob Trading Co. LLC provides a wide selection of high-quality flow meters and accessories in UAE for accurate measurement in custody transfer and process control. The meters are constructed to be rugged and corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability in challenging applications. Expect remarkable accuracy, outstanding utility, and clear visuals with our flow meters. 

Benefits of Reliable and High-quality Flow Meter

Industries in the UAE can reap countless benefits by utilizing reliable and high-quality flow meter products and services. Businesses can depend on these devices for precise measurement and monitoring of fluid flow rates, guaranteeing optimal production and adherence to regulatory standards. Choosing reliable suppliers of flow meters in the UAE provides extensive support services, including installation, commissioning, calibration, and maintenance. This guarantees that flow meters consistently function at their best, reducing downtime and costly interruptions. Additionally, flow meters of superior quality are designed to endure challenging environmental conditions and demanding operational settings, ensuring sustained dependability and strength.

Purchase High-Quality Flow Meters with Utmost Convenience from Ali Yaqoob

The market offers a variety of flow meters to suit various needs and applications. Buyers must assess their specific requirements when choosing a meter. Factors to consider include prices, overall cost, compatibility with the operating environment, security features, IP protection, and physical size. By evaluating these factors, businesses can make informed, cost-effective purchasing decisions. For convenience in accessing a variety of flow meters in the UAE, reputable suppliers such as Ali Yaqoob offer a comprehensive range of options and reliable customer service. We ensure that buyers find the right flow meter to suit their specific requirements and budget constraints.

When choosing a flow meter supplier in the UAE, a few crucial factors can significantly improve the overall purchasing experience. Here is an overview of a few of these crucial elements: 

Product Variety: To meet the demands of a wide range of industries and applications, we provide a varied selection of flow meters. Customers can discover the ideal solution to fulfill their unique needs with a wide range of products, regardless of whether they need positive displacement, turbine, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, or any other type of flow meter. 

Ease of Ordering: A reputable provider should place a high value on ease of use and ordering simplicity. Having an easy-to-use website or buying platform that allows customers to browse products, compare specifications, and place orders without any effort is part of this. An easy ordering process is enhanced by accurate product descriptions, transparent pricing, and safe payment methods.

Excellent Customer Service: Providing customers with outstanding customer service is essential to earning their trust and maintaining long-term partnerships. Giving customers prompt, helpful support for any queries, issues, or technological challenges they may have is very important to us. This entails answering questions promptly, recommending products with knowledge, and making sure that any problems or grievances are resolved as soon as possible.

Our Range of Fuel flow meter

Our range of fuel flow meters is diverse, catering to various industries and applications. With options for various fuel types, flow rates, application and operating conditions, we ensure accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Here are the different types of fuel flow meters we offer:

Liquid Controls Flow Meter

Our selection of Liquid Controls flow meters and accessories are suitable for both liquid and gas measurement. LC flow meters are usually used within industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum, and cosmetics. It requires only minimal maintenance and also guarantees high accuracy and repeatability.

Fill-Rite Flow Meter

Fill-Rite fuel flow meters are an ideal solution for accurate measurement of how much diesel, petrol, or kerosene has been dispensed at a certain point of time. Some of the product’s key features include enhanced durability, low-pressure loss, and lightweight construction.

B-Meters Water Meter

Water Meters are commonly used for residential & commercial applications; as such, the meter in use must be able to read accurately. Our product range includes WDE-K30 water flow meters from B-Meter and is highly recommended for both industry and irrigation use. It is made from the finest quality materials and is resistant to corrosion.

Avery Hardoll Flow Meter

Due to its lightweight, durable construction, Avery Hardoll flow meters have been widely used within the aviation and petroleum industries. Their product range has been designed for easy maintenance and comes equipped with a step-less calibration system, automatic additive injector, and electronic control.

Sotera Flow Meter

Sotera Systems has designed revolutionary flow meters. Simple, one-step calibration makes metering fluids of various viscosities easier and more accurate to +/- 0.5% using the preset calibration factors. Sotera Systems brings better products to Chemical, Industrial, and Ag-Chem users everywhere.

Nitto Seiko Flow Meter

Nitto Seiko’s selection of flow meters are suitable for a wide range of applications and offer high-accuracy measurement. Some of the product’s significant benefits include improved durability and the capability to measure acidic and alkaline liquids.

Why Choose Us for Flow Meter in UAE

Ali Yaqoob is a reputable brand known for being a quality supplier of flow meters in the UAE, thanks to our years of experience and track record of success. Our specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable, so we can guarantee that customers receive individualized guidance and the best possible solutions for their unique requirements. Furthermore, a wide selection of products from Aliyaqoob that satisfy the highest industry standards for accuracy, precision, and durability also demonstrates our dedication to quality. When it comes to affordable rates and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive package that gives customers looking for dependable flow meters in the UAE confidence and trust.

Contact us to buy high-quality flow meters in UAE at competitive prices, ensuring the delivery of original, well-designed equipment.


A flow meter is an instrument used to measure the volume of liquids, vapors or gases. They are crucial to various industries including oil and gas, chemical, process plants, meteorology, food & beverage, waste water & water utilities, medical, marine, aviation and more.

 Ali Yaqoob Trading distinguishes itself as a top provider of flow meters by our expertise, knowledge, product range, and dedication to excellence. We guarantee excellent services and products that are customized to meet the demands of clients in the UAE.

 There are several different types of water flow meters, such as digital, electromagnetic, and analogue meters. These meters are essential for billing reasons in both residential and business settings because they provide accurate measurements of water usage.

 When choosing flow meters, buyers should take into account aspects such as the desired flow rate, cost, size, compatibility with different temperatures and pressures, security features, and maintenance needs. 

 Because they provide precise measurements of fluid flow rates and guarantee effective operations, flow meters are essential to many sectors. Selecting trustworthy vendors, such as Ali Yaqoob, guarantees access to superior products, dependable customer support, and technological know-how.

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