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Varisco ST-R Self-priming Trash Pumps

Self-priming trash pumps

Ideal for pumping with large solids in suspension. They are used in purification plants and sewage systems to provide a completely safe management and maintenance.

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  • Rapid self-priming without foot valve. Once filled with water, the pump is automatically primed to a height of 7.5 m.
  • Total safety for operators 
    Being placed outside and above the liquid to be pumped, inspection and maintenance of the pump are made easier, with greatly reduced health and safety hazards for personnel
  • Two vanes open impeller handling up to 3” (76 mm) solids.
  • Easy maintenance: back pull-out rotating assembly which can be removed without dismantling the pipes or pump casing.
  • Heavy duty casing in GJS 400 ductile iron
  • Easily opened priming, drain and impeller inspection covers
  • GJS 400 ductile iron or CF8M stainless steel open impeller with large solids handling
  • Easily replaceable cast iron wear plates with abrasion and oil resistant rubber facing

Product range

5 models
H max = 40 m c.a
Q max = 600 m3/h


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