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If you’re looking for a reliable pump supplier in Dubai, then look no further. Ali Yaqoob Trading is the leading supplier of Pumps in UAE, offering a wide variety of fuel, water and chemical pumps for both commercial and industrial applications.
Our range includes rotary vane positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, turbine pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, submersible pumps, hand pumps, engine driven pumps, among others suitable for fuel, water & chemical transfer applications. These high capacity pumps feature robust designs to ensure they are durable, explosion-proof, and capable of pumping efficiently in the toughest of environments.
Whether you’re in the transport, terminal, LPG, paints, lubricants, marine, aviation or construction business, Ali Yaqoob Trading has the right pump for you regardless of your fluid or application. Browse our extensive line of pumps below. Or you can always call us or come over for a cup of coffee, we’ll be happy to help!
With over 35 years as the industry’s leading supplier of pumps in UAE, you can be rest assured we’ll find the right pump for you.
We also supply high-quality pumps suitable for both commercial and industrial applications to Saudi ArabiaOmanQatarYemenIraq .


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Our Range of Fuel Pumps

Vane Pumps

Available for use for a wide range of vapor pressures, differential pressures, and viscosities, our range of vane pumps can be used for the transmission of aviation fuel, oils, and solvents among others. The self-adjusting design ensures maximum pumping efficiency and extended product life.

AC/DC Pumps

These pumps have become popular because of their heavy-duty cast-iron design and fast fill rates making them both durable and reliable for the fueling of trucks, combines, and bulldozers, among other machinery.

LPG Pumps

Liquefied petroleum gas pumps can be used for the transmission of propane, butane, and specific agricultural ammonia. Maintenance can be efficiently conducted by merely removing the pump cover.

Centrifugal Pumps

Powered by either an engine or electric motor, the liquid is transported by the use of kinetic and hydrodynamic energy. While they are typically used to transport water, they also have applications in the petroleum industry.

Turbine Pumps

Designed for low flow rates at average to high pressures, this pump has proven ideal for the transfer of light volatile liquids like gasoline, ammonia, propane, and carbon dioxide.

Hand Pumps

With its durable design, hand pumps have proven to have extended product life and also deliver fluids efficiently and smoothly. These have proven ideal as oil, gasoline, and diesel pumps in UAE.

Engine Driven Pumps

These self-priming pumps, with eight meters of suction lift, are sealed with silicon carbide and ceramic mechanical seals to prevent leakage. The tubular steel frame also makes transportation simple.

Gear Pumps

Available for transport, industrial, oil, and gas applications, the gear pump can operate under high pressure and intense workloads providing an adaptable solution to pump needs.

Lubrication Pumps & Circulation Pumps

Our line of Tuthill lubrication pumps handle a wide range of viscosities and sustain a constant flow at any pressure.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODD Pump) 

With chemical resistance, these pumps are compatible with transmitting numerous fluid types. The spring-driven, double diaphragm design ensures the pump operates at a constant pressure regardless of the load.

Process Pumps

Our line of Tuthill process pumps, available in positive displace internal gear and circumferential piston designs, successfully handle the toughest process applications.

Chemical Transfer Pumps

Our line of  chemical transfer pumps can handle the toughest chemicals including but not limited to DEF, acids, caustics, detergents, solvents, and agricultural chemical applications.

Miniature Magnetically-Coupled Pumps

Our  Tuthill miniature magnetically coupled pumps provide a leak free, precise, non pulsing flow for thin fluids.

Submersible Pumps

The efficient design of the submersible pump allows for faster flow rates by eliminating restrictions in the flow path. It results in lower power consumption and extended operating life.

Piston Pumps

Our piston pumps can handle highly viscous fluids which enables it to be used for broad applications across diverse industries—handling chemicals, paints, grease, adhesives, sludges, and more.

Water Pumps

Our range of specialty water pumps are suitable for transfer, high pressure transfer, trash, irrigation, fire fighting, marine applications and many more applications

Side Channel Pumps

Our side channel pumps perform well in high differential pressure applications such as carrousel filling stations, autogas filling stations that use below ground tanks, aerosol filling stations, and boiler feed.

Screw Pumps

Our screw pumps are designed for diverse industrial applications. From efficient liquid transfer to reliable performance, our Screw Pumps deliver excellence. Choose from a wide selection of screw pumps from Ali Yaqoob

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