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AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Corken products. We offer several models of vertical and horizontal reciprocating compressors to meet the stringent demands of today’s LPG industry. Depending on your leakage requirements, each model can be configured in either a plain style, D-Style or T-Style. If one of our standard mounting options does not meet your needs, we can custom engineer an industrial compressor package for you.


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Importance of Choosing a Reputable Compressor Supplier in UAE

Choosing a suitable compressor supplier in the UAE is of great significance for achieving a high level of efficiency and reliability in your operaion. As an authorized representative of Corken products, AYTC stands out by providing high-quality, durable compressors built to meet the LPG and  industrial needs. AYTC offers choices for customization and models designed to withstand the rigors of various applications, thereby, providing solutions that will yield benefits in the long term. Our experience and commitment to customer service guarantee that every customer gets a product and a partnership dedicated to solving their unique operational challenges. Choosing AYTC means selecting the best compressor in UAE.

Purchase High-Quality Compressor at Aliyaqoob with Utmost Convenience

Investing in a high-quality compressor in UAE is paramount for safety and productivity in any industry. At Aliyaqoob, we understand this and therefore only supply compressors from Corken, the leader in pumping and  compression technology. Our compressors are designed to serve a wide variety of applications with increased reliability.  

Quality compressors play an essential role in operational efficiency, ensuring that gas is delivered at the correct pressure and volume with relatively low  maintenance requirements. This durability can transform into greater productivity and profitability and will ensure that your equipment will be up and running for longer. At Aliyaqoob, we put durability and performance at the top of the list. Our compressors in UAE not only meet but also go beyond industry standards. When you choose us, you invest in something that will serve your operational needs with the highest convenience and certainty in quality. 

Our Range of Compressors

At Aliyaqoob, we are proud of our extensive compressor product range in the UAE, designed to cover various industrial needs. Our broad inventory guarantees the availability of a compressor that suits the requirements of all industries and applications, with the combination of efficiency, reliability, and performance.

1) LPG Vertical Compressors:

In Corken's vertical LPG reciprocating compressors, single packed piston rods are the norm, with limited exploration into oil-free gas compression. The model D891 stands out with both V-ring and segmented packing, yet it still falls short of complete oil-free operation. These compressors, though lacking in oil-free capabilities, excel in environments where non-corrosive and non-toxic substances are prevalent, and where oil-free service and leakage containment are not critical. Industries like propane, butane, agricultural ammonia, and natural gas commonly benefit from these compressors.

2) LPG Horizontal Compressors:

When vertical compressors fall short, Corken's horizontal compressors step in, offering single to triple packed designs and flexible options for compression. Single packed units excel where oil-free gas and containment aren't crucial, while triple packed (T-Style) compressors shine in confined spaces or where oil-free compression is needed. Corken's standard mountings suit various applications, with custom packages available for specialized needs, ensuring top performance and reliability.

3) Industrial Vertical Compressors:

AYTC provides a variety of piston rod packing configurations, distance piece options, and coatings for industrial gases. The double packed (D-Style) compressor offers commendable leakage containment with a single distance piece, while the triple packed (T-Style) compressor excels in superior leakage control with two distance pieces. Both compressors are available in single- and two-stage configurations, with options for cooling and connections. Corken's standard compressor mountings suit various applications, and custom packages are available. ASME B31.3 – 2012 piping is also offered upon request, showcasing Corken's dedication to meeting customer needs.

4) Industrial Horizontal Compressors:

When vertical compressors can't meet the demands of an application, Corken's horizontal compressors step in. Available in single and triple packed designs, they offer flexibility with single- or two-stage compression and lubrication options. Single packed compressors suit propane, butane, and similar applications, while triple packed compressors are recommended for confined spaces or where oil-free compression is needed. Corken also provides standard compressor mountings for various applications and offers custom-engineered packages for specific needs.

Our cutting-edge compressors are backed up by a professional team ready to meet the high qualification standards and customer requirements, as demonstrated by our broad compressor range. With each model, comes our knowledge and support to make sure you not only get a superior product but a complete solution to your operational requirements. Whether you require high pressure, energy efficiency, or pure air output, Aliyaqoob has the right compressor for you.

Why Choose Us for Compressors in UAE?

  1. Expertise & Experience: Decades of industry knowledge ensure solutions that meet your exact needs.
  2. Quality Assurance: Top-notch products from renowned brands like Corken, guaranteeing reliability.
  3. Custom Solutions: Ability to tailor compressors to specific industrial applications, ensuring operational excellence.
  4. Customer Support: Dedicated service team providing unmatched after-sales support and maintenance.
  5. Competitive Pricing: High-quality products and services at market-competitive rates, ensuring great value for investment.
  6. Wide Product Range: A diverse selection of compressors, including vertical, horizontal, and custom-engineered options, catering to various sectors.
  7. Reputation: A trusted name in UAE for supplying durable, efficient compressors with numerous satisfied clients.
  8. Innovation: Continuous investment in the latest technologies to offer the most advanced solutions.
  9. Flexibility: Versatile product configurations to meet unique requirements, from small businesses to large enterprises.
  10. Accessibility: Strategically located facilities for easy access and prompt delivery across UAE.

Aliyaqoob's commitment to excellence, combined with its focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, makes it the premier choice for compressor supply in UAE.

Contact us to buy premium-quality compressors in UAE. 


1) What types of compressors does Aliyaqoob offer?

Aliyaqoob provides a wide range of compressors, including vertical and horizontal reciprocating compressors, tailored for various industrial needs.

2) Can Aliyaqoob customize compressors for specific requirements?

Yes, we offer customized engineering solutions to meet unique operational needs, ensuring a precise fit for your application.

3) Do Aliyaqoob compressors come with customer support?

Aliyaqoob offers excellent customer support and after-sales service backed by industry leading warranty to ensure your compressors operate efficiently.

4) How does Aliyaqoob ensure product quality?

We distribute high-quality Corken products, renowned for reliability and efficiency in the LPG industry.

5) Is competitive pricing available with Aliyaqoob?

Aliyaqoob provides competitive pricing for their compressors, balancing cost-effectiveness with quality and performance.

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