Hose Reels Saudi Arabia

Hose Reels Saudi Arabia

We are the leading supplier of high-quality hose reels in the Saudi Arabia. We supply a wide range of hose reels in KSA including military reels, stainless steel reels, and fuel delivery hose reels. Our stock of hose reels can accomplish both commercial and industrial needs inconsiderate of the application or the liquid used. We also supply all the required accessories.

The hose reels we supply in Saudi Arabia are either spring-driven, hand-crank, or electric motor-driven. Hose reels have a cylindrical spindle constructed out of plastic, metal, or fiberglass and houses a rubber hose have multiple uses all functioning under the same premise.

We make sure that the hose reels we supply are durable, easy to use, and of the right length. For demanding work environments, we recommend longer-length hose reels which are retractable or automatic.

Ali Yaqoob Trading Co, with over 35 years of experience in this industry assures our clients that all your needs will be well-covered.

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