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Aussie Pumps Bertolini WBL Series Pump

Built using the same technology as professional pumps, the "consumer sector" piston pump line. The complete RPM range can be covered by direct drive to gasoline and electric motors. High-end, large ball bearings support the crankshaft. Valve caps have a new sealing system installed that is made for high pressure and to stop unintentional overpressurization. Available models include an integrated unloader.

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Dimension
  • Premium oversized bearings.
  • Extended length of forged steel crankshaft for a solid coupling pump motor/engine.
  • Oversized aluminum connecting rods (one piece unit), or brass rods on some models, for maximum strength and easier lubrication.
  • Large stainless steel plunger rods that have undergone a special nitrating treatment.
  • As a result of this treatment the rod is harder, smoother and it has a longer seal life.
  • High quality pure ceramic pistons for years of uninterrupted high-pressure
  • Exclusive double “V” and “U” self-lubricating packing seals with an elastometer designed to prevent water from contaminating the oil in the crankcase.
  • This gives you years of leak-free operation.
  • Rapid action, mirror finish stainless steel 316 check valves prevent corrosion.
  • Brass head with higher thickness to withstand high pressure.
  • Electric and engine driven high pressure cleaners
  • Pump stations
  • Car wash plants
  • Industrial application





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