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Aussie Pumps Bertolini Direct Drive TMG Series Pump

Equipped with a brand-new, exclusive "Bertolini" sealing mechanism for increased longevity. You can match the most effective technology by using these models. They become more durable and sturdy thanks to building technology. Super "U" seals are standard on all models.

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  • Features
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  • Specifications
  • Dimension
  • Increased thickness of new forged brass head completely redesigned to accommodate new valves and caps.
  • New rapid action, mirror finish stainless steel 316 check valves prevent corrosion and enhance high fluid dynamic efficiency, easy access for maintenance and repairs.
  • Volumetric efficiency assured under any condition.
  • Stainless steel plunger rod Tenifer® treated for strength.
  • Highly polished solid ceramic plungers.
  • Premium oversized bearings. Extended length of crankshaft for a solid grip of pulleys on belt-driven units or for close coupling with the motor.
  • New revolutionary one-piece extra wide connecting-rod.
  • New crankcase and back cover.
  • New low pressure and high pressure seals made up of reinforced polymer.
  • High pressure Super “U” seals made of special compound to reduce wear, and Teflon reinforced anti-extrusion ring. Low pressure seals made of energized Teflon for hot water versions.
  • Electric and engine drive high pressure cleaners
  • Equipment wash down
  • Surface preparation







TMG 1"

THY 2715



TMG 1"

THY 2715

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