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Aussie Pumps Bertolini CAX Series Pump

Strong, large pumps that can handle extremely high pressure, they are the pinnacle of the Bertolini Pumps line and provide cleaning experts pumps made of the sturdiest modern components. They are perfect for many industrial applications, including desalination, petrochemical, steel and iron industry, construction and building, marine & off-shore, water treatment industry, jetting systems, reverse osmosis, etc., due to the excellent manufacturing techniques.

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  • Features
  • Application
  • Dimension
  • Performance Curve
  • Stainless steel head - provides great strength to maximize chemical resistance in any type of application.
  • Solid pistons tungsten carbide coated, to reduce wear and prolong the high and low pressure seals life.
  • High-pressure seals made of PTFE and energized component: friction is reduced to the minimum, assuring a perfect hold, in any condition for a longer period of time. They provide chemicals/solvents resistance and superior performance.
  • Patented du-dry plunger rod bushing PTFE coated, greatly reduces friction for smooth operation.
  • Large stainless steel plunger rods, double diameter: the moving rod does not come in contact with the oil seal, thus reducing wear and assuring an efficient lubrication of the piston.
  • Premium bearings designed to endure heavier loads and extend operations.
  • Check valves made of special stainless steel, they are thicker to withstand high pressure operations, and fitted with spheric sealing system to enhance the high fluid dynamic efficiency and maximize duration.
  • Interlocking “self-aligning”, extra wide connecting rods in bronze (“two piece” pairs) guarantee perfect alignment, ultimately reducing friction, heat, wear and noise.
  • Dust suppression
  • Industrial processes
  • Car wash
  • Mineral processes

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