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Red Jacket® IQ Smart Controller Box

A sophisticated STP controller solution, the Red Jacket® IQ Control Box offers operators unmatched downtime protection and simplifies pump operation. IQ is the most dependable way to control and guarantee maximum fuel flow at peak fueling times while enhancing the submersible pump motor's longevity.

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  • Protects wiring and controls from locked rotor or high current.
  • Monitors site power conditions to ensure long motor life and uninterrupted fueling.
  • Single, multi-colored LED readout signals warning and shutdown conditions.
  • Automatically resets after dry run condition when fuel is added to the tank to minimize downtime.
  • Warns site personnel of conditions impacting the ability to fuel.


  • Enables demand-based staging of multiple pumps to control fuel flow based on changing fuel demand.
  • Connect and Control
  • Manages STP activation based on user-selectable operation settings.
  • Ready interface with Red Jacket’s ISOTROL™ 1-8 isolation system and the TLS-450PLUS ATG.
  • Easy jumper switches control operation settings.
  • Single press and hold button for easy calibration. No need to lift dispenser handle to activate the pump for calibration.

Service and Installation

  • Sized for easy retrofit installations.
  • Models available with integrated capacitor housing for streamlined service.
  • Easy-to-use wiring terminal with familiar labeling.
  • Durable 30-amp power relay is socket installed for easy service and repair. Service life is rated over one million cycles.
  • Works with all Red Jacket and competitive single-phase submersible turbine pumps.

Dimensions (no capacitor)

Type 1 enclosure, 6x6x4 inch

Dimensions (w/ capacitor)

Type 1 enclosure, 6x6x7 inch

Handle Voltage

115v or 230 v (switch selectable)

Power Relay

30-amp 250 VAC 50 or 60 Hz DPST, 2HP

Terminal Lug

Size 10-16 AWG wire

Alarm (Warning Condition)

• Low line voltage

• Low AC current

• Network/communication

• Bypass mode

• Uncalibrated device

• Extended run

Alarm (Hard Fault Condition)

• Dry run

• Over current

Product Number




IQ Control Box 120V



IQ Control Box w/ 2HP fixed speed capacitor


Multiple fixed-speed 2HP Red Jacket STPs can be manifolded together to produce twice the flow and provide profit-saving redundancy to prevent downtime. In single 4HP applications, a pump or controller failure will potentially bring down an entire fueling line. The dynamic 2+2 Solution provides seamless redundancy and ideal flow to your fueling operation. 

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