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Desmi Modular S Centrifugal Pump

Self-priming Centrifugal Pump
Up to 400 m3/h (1760 US gpm)

The Modular S Centrifugal Pump represents one of the most distinctive products of self-priming pumps.  The Modular S is widely used within different applications and markets.

The priming is based on the diffuser principle, which means that the priming ability is independent of valves and other mechanical elements as it is the flow of liquid that carries the air. In addition the diffuser principle has the effect that the Modular S can pump slightly polluted as well as air-mixed liquids.

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The individual design, compact with a clear-cut cylindrical form, together with the practical advantages such as easy assembling and modular construction of all components ensure a long a trouble-free operation. The success of the Desmi pumps is among other things due to the priming principle which is thoroughly described on the opposite page. This principle means that the Modular S can pump a mixture of air and liquid and thus evacuate air from the suction pipe. Thus, priming can be avoided and a foot valve is not necessary.

Capacity range:
1-350 m3/h ~ 5-1500 US gpm at 50 cycles
2-400 m3/h ~ 10-1760 US gpm at 60 cycles
Pressure range:
1-100 mLC~ 3-330 ft at 50 Hz
2-150 mLC ~ 6-490 ft at 60 Hz
Temperature range:
With standard mech. shaft seal max. 80oC ~ 176°F, with special
mech. shaft seal max. 120oC ~ 248°F.

The pumps of the MODULAR S series can be supplied as free shaft end, mounted on the base plate with petrol or diesel engine, hydraulic or electric motor or in a close-coupled design with electric motor. They can also be fitted with a manual friction clutch and V-belt pulley and with step-up bevel gear ratio 1:2.

MODULAR S/02 self-priming centrifugal pumps in close coupled design

This version of the well-known MODULAR S pumps meets the requirements for compact and reliable pumps and does not need special alignment. The pumps are connected to
the electric motor via a rigid coupling and can be mounted with any standard electric motor. The MODULAR S pumps are constructed of standard components and this principle has been further emphasized in the monobloc version. For optimum flexibility the pump is designed in such a way that only the coupling and the motor flange have
to be changed in order to fit the selected electric motor. The monobloc version is equipped with a separate bearing housing with only one bearing, and the rigid coupling is
mounted on the short shaft.

Marine pumps:
• Bilge pump
• Ballast pump
• Fire pump
• Cooling-water pump
• Wash-deck pump
• General service pump

Industrial pumps:
• Ground water pumps
• Fire pumps
• Wash-down pumps
• Cooling-water pumps
• Circulation pumps
• Fuel pumps
• Filling of tanks and wagons

Also suitable for “Contractors” and “Agricultural” use.

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