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Rotary Piston Flow Meter (BR Series)

The BR series meters are primarily intended for fuel oil measuring applications. These meters are rotary piston type flow meter featuring a compact, lightweight and user friendly design.

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Flow Rates


Model 1mPa・s~
Kerosene, light oil
Heavy oil
BR13-3 30~ 200 L/h 10~ 200 L/h
BR20-2 100~1000 L/h 30~1000 L/h
BR25-2 250~2500 L/h 150~2500 L/h

Nitto Seiko

Nitto Seiko specializes in fluid measurement systems (flow meters) and various inspection & cleaning machines with a focus on quality and environmentally friendly products.

Model BR13-3 BR20-2 BR25-2
Measured liquid Kerosene, light oil and A,B,C heavy oil
Nominal size  15A 20A 25A
Liquid viscosity 2~500 mPa・s
Liquid temperature Normal~80 ℃(Option for temperature 80~120 ℃)
Liquid pressure 1.0 MPa or less
Measuring accuracy Within ± 0.5 %
Connection JIS10K 15A JIS10K 20A JIS10K 25A
Material Body: FC200, Rotor: AC3A
Model BR13-3 BR20-2 BR25-2
Type of indication Mechanical
Display method Numerical figure roller counter
Display Total Non-resetable integrated flow rate: Numerical figure roller  8 digits 9,999,999.9L
Display Min. Scale 0.02 L
No. of output 1
Assignment of output Unit Pulse
Kind of signal Contact signal
Output Contact capacity 200VDC, 0.5A,10W
Unit Pulse 1 L/P
Ambient temperature 5~60 ℃
Explosion-protection Non-explosion proof
Material Aluminum die casting

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