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B-meters RFM-AMB Temperature and humidity sensor

The mod.RFM-AMB is a temperature and humidity sensor that gathers and transmits data over Wireless M-BUS from rooms where it is mounted.

The module stores the month average data up to the 12 months prior and saves the current minimum, maximum, and average data discovered in the most recent hour and day.

Equipped with an anti-removal alarm for a system that is both safer and more effective.

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Temperature reading range

from -10°C to +85°C (max. ±1°C)

Humidity reading range

0 – 80% (± 3%)

Dimensions (l x h x p)

88 x 88 x 25 mm

Power supply

3.6 V Litihium battery

Max Battery life

10 years*



Working temperature

from +1°C to +55°C

Radio transmission

868 MHz WMBUS Standard EN 13757-4

Transmission range

Up to 300 meters

Data transmission frequency

Programmable: month, day, hour range, frequency (seconds)

Transmitted data

- Actual temperature -min/max/average temperature of last hour

- min/max/average temperature of last day

- Hystorical monthly average temperature data up to 12 previous months (up to 6 if used combined with Humidity historical data)

- Actual humidity - min/max/average humidity of last hour - min/max/average humidity of last day

- Hystorical monthly average humidity data up to 12 previous months (up to 6 if used combined with Temperature historical data)


Low battery, module Removal

The battery life strongly depends on the working time window, set during the configuration process, and on the environmental conditions.

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