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B-meters HYDROSPLIT-M3 Split thermal energy calculator

To calculate the amount of energy needed for heating and/or cooling, use a separate heat/BTU calculator.

Useful in systems with pipes larger than DN20- 34 " and easily connectable to flow meters with pulse output.

Calculating the precise amount of energy utilized requires processing data on the difference in thermo-vector fluid temperature between the supply and return (DT) along with information on the volume of thermo-vector fluid used.

MID 2014/32/UE MI004 and EN1434 standards-compliant; approved.

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  • Features
  • Technical Features
  • Combination of hot and cold temperatures.
  • Integrated n.2 pulse inputs and n.2 pulse outputs.
  • Integrated M-BUS EN13757-2 and 3 outputs.
  • On request, wireless M-BUS EN13757-4 output version.
  • Ready for an external power source.

Environmental class

A (E1; M1)

Temperature measuring range (Heating)

5 ÷ 180 °C

Temperature difference range (Heating)

3 ÷ 150 K

Temperature measuring range (cooling)

2 ÷ 24 °C

Calibration temperature

3 ÷ 20 K

Maximum measurable power

99 MW

Temperature sensor

PT 1000

Cable lenght for the temperature sensor

3 m / 10 m

e Power supply

litium battery / external power supply

Max. Battery life (basic version)

10+1 years*

Protection degree


Display level



LCD 8 digits + icons

Energy load indicator

MWh (GJ on request)

Maximum cable lenght pulse emitter

2 m

Input pulse rate

0.1 - 0.25 - 1.0 - 2.5 - 10 - 25 - 100 - 250 liters

Pulse input

1 dedicated for the heating/cooling circuit meter

Pulse input class

Class IA (default): Open Collector or reed contact, max 5Hz

Display Pulse input maximum frequency (MID approved)


Installation site of flowmeter (Flow in)

Return pipe (default), Supply pipe (optional)

Supported vector fluid


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