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Fill-Rite TS Aluminum Mechanical Flow Meter

Fill-Rite offers a full range of positive displacement TS Oval Gear Meters with weights and measures custody transfer accuracy for the measurement of a wide range of fuels, heavy oils, glycols, lube oils, and petro-chemicals. These meters are able to handle the pressure and maintain their accuracy due to the use of only two oval gears eliminating metal-metal contact, fewer seals, low differential pressure, and less slippage due to the patented wave form gear design.

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Fill-Rite meters are simple and have accurate operation which is becoming the industry standard for positive displacement meters. Our unique modular design allows all TS Series meters the flexibility to be assembled with mechanical registration and other various accessories.

  • HIGH SPEED BATCHING & LOADING Fill-Rite meters are ideal for high speed loading service. Whether the liquid is aviation fuel, diesel, solvent, caustics or fertilizer, we cover many bulk requirements.
  • TANK TRUCK METER With compact, lightweight design and minimal service requirements, Fill-Rite meters are often the industry choice for tank truck fleets. In this service strainer and air eliminator are mandatory, and the mechanical meter register is often fitted with a ticket printer to provide an immediate written record of the transaction.
  • LPG – SYSTEMS For LPG service, whether Propane or Propane/Butane mixtures, our lightweight, high pressure TS20A model is the perfect choice. With no metal-to-metal contact in the measuring chamber, Fill-Rite meters provide long reliable service with a minimum of maintenance. NTEP approved for LPG service (other approvals pending).


We at Ali Yaqoob Trading Co. L.L.C are the leading distributor of Fill-Rite products. We only believe in offering our customers the best in terms of quality and price. When it comes to DC & AC fuel transfer pumps, Fill-Rite flow meter, and related accessories such as nozzlesfiltershoses, and more, Fill-Rite is the industry’s best.If you’ve owned one of our products, you know the satisfaction of superior quality and performance. Materials such as carbon, steel, bronze, and cast iron simply mean that our Fill-Rite products are in it for the long run.That being said, you have to try them to believe it. Whether you are at a fueling station, or pass by a construction or fleet site, you are sure to find our products. In fact, it has been proven time after time as industry pros turn to us for products that are durable, accurate and dependable. Get in touch with us to avail of a product or for assistance in knowing more about it.
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