Ali Yaqoob Trading is proud to be recognized as the leading supplier of flow meters in Dubai, UAE. We have in stock the most comprehensive range of high-quality flow meter UAE and related accessories for accurate measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.

A flow meter is an instrument that measure the volume or mass of a fluid traveling through it. No two meters are the same, and each type is better suited for different applications. As specialists in flow meter measurement, we supply rugged corrosion-resistant meters that are durable and suited for even the most challenging applications. Incredible utility, visual clarity, and amazing accuracy are what you can expect from our line of flow meters.

Our meters cater to  several industries, including petroleum, F&B, chemical, irrigation, terminal, marine, aviation and military markets. Apart from sales and flow meter calibration services, we also provide a full suite of installation and support services to customers based in Dubai, UAE, GCC & East Africa. If you’d like a quote for any of our meters, send us an inquiry or email us at: [email protected].

Our wide range of flow meters are now available in Saudi ArabiaOmanQatarYemenIraq as well.


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Our Range of Flow Meters

B-Meters Water Meter

Water Meters are commonly used for residential & commercial applications; as such, the meter in use must be able to read accurately. Our product range includes WDE-K30 water flow meters from B-Meter and is highly recommended for both industry and irrigation use. It is made from the finest quality materials and is resistant to corrosion.

Liquid Controls Flow Meter

Our selection of Liquid Controls flow meters and accessories are suitable for both liquid and gas measurement. LC flow meters are usually used within industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum, and cosmetics. It requires only minimal maintenance and also guarantees high accuracy and repeatability.

Fill-Rite Flow Meter

Fill-Rite fuel flow meters are an ideal solution for accurate measurement of how much diesel, petrol, or kerosene has been dispensed at a certain point of time. Some of the product’s key features include enhanced durability, low-pressure loss, and lightweight construction.

Avery Hardoll Flow Meter

Due to its lightweight, durable construction, Avery Hardoll flow meters have been widely used within the aviation and petroleum industries. Their product range has been designed for easy maintenance and comes equipped with a step-less calibration system, automatic additive injector, and electronic control.

Sotera Flow Meter

Sotera Systems has designed revolutionary flow meters. Simple, one-step calibration makes metering fluids of various viscosities easier and more accurate to +/- 0.5% using the preset calibration factors. Sotera Systems brings better products to Chemical, Industrial and Ag-Chem users everywhere.

Nitto Seiko Flow Meter

Nitto Seiko’s selection of flow meters are suitable for a wide range of applications and offers high-accuracy measurement. Some of the product’s significant benefits include improved durability and capability to measure acidic and alkaline liquids.

Calibration Cans & Meter Provers

AYTC offers stainless steel calibrated test measures (calibration cans) and meter provers that boast accuracies of 0.05% and unlimited life expectancy. Convenient to carry, easy to store. Simplicity of operation. Can be used for on site flow meter & fuel dispenser calibration in fuel stations, tankers, terminals, and more.

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