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B-meters IWM-MB3 Wired M-BUS module GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I and CPR-M3-I

The IWM-MB3, which is suitable to the series of water meters models GMDM-I, GMB-I, GMB-RP-I multi jet, and mod. CPR-M3-I single jet, is an integrated module for the transmission of consumption data via cable M-BUS network.

It is simple to install and set, and in addition to providing data on current consumption, it enables the detection of potential water leaks downstream of the meter, prolonged operation at maximum flow rate (Q4), and many sorts of attempted meter fraud.

The application is immune to the vibrations of the pipes thanks to the employment of an inductive target in the meter dial, which also eliminates the potential of magnetic fraud.

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  • All of the numerous jet meters that come pre-equipped (dry, semi-dry, and wet dial) are compatible with the IWM-MB3, which offers:
  • Analysis of consumption with adjustment for reverse flow.
  • Fraud detection (module removal, manipulation with the external magnetic field, reverse flow, and water leakage).
  • Every alarm is noted and reported in the M-BUS telegram the module sends.
  • Installation of the module is possible even in tough settings thanks to IP68 protection*.
  • A straightforward smartphone app can be used to configure and commission a device having NFC interface.


MBUS EN13757-2\3

Cable length

1.5 meters

Compatible water meters


Sensitivity measure

1 liter

Reverse flow

Activate for the backward flow amount after user-settable threshold

Energy supply

Non-replaceable lithium battery, rechargeable (automatic recharge from the BUS network).

Backup for measuring function in absence of BUS voltage.

Protection class



122 g

Size (l x p x h, cable excluded)

88 x 69 x 28 mm

Working Temperature

+1° / +55°C

Transmitted data

Volume (consumption), alarms


Module removal, magnetic fraud attempt, backward flow, leakage detection.

Module programming requirements

Android device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) with an NFC interface

and the NFC IWM Config APP freely downloadable from GOOGLE PLAY.

Any M-BUS level converter and Windows PC with B M-BUS software installed (or other M-BUS softwares**).

* IP68: maximum 24 hours of continuous submersion at 1 m depth
**Ask to your dealer about the software compatibility.

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