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Manhole Covers & Accessories

Emergency venting (fire engulfment), tank breathing and flanges for ancillary equipment are included with all our Manhole Covers. These features protect the tanker against rupture, division reversal and explosion when either natural or catastrophic internal pressures build up. Vacuum relief protects against tank implosion and compartment division reversal. The 10″ hinged, lockable hatch facilitates easy insertion of top loading pipes while the ancillary flanges save cost, time and aid tank integrity.


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Emco Wheaton

AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Emco Wheaton products. Emco Wheaton has been a supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories for over 100 years. From top and bottom loading arms to loading single or multi-compartment trailer trucks, to more complex marine loading systems capable of handling a multitude of liquids, Emco Wheaton always has quality solutions.

Internationally accepted and specified by ADNOC, EPPCO and EMARAT to assist with the safe conveyance of petroleum based products, our range of lightweight aluminum manhole covers offer unrivaled safety features and operational benefits.

Our Manhole Covers can be supplied as either left-hand or right-hand configuration allowing ancillary items, such as HLCO, Dip Tube or Mechanical Top Operator, to be positioned on the tanker center line.

  • Pressure and vacuum vent fitted as standard for tank breathing. Various ratings are available to suit operational requirements. Two vents may be fitted if required
  • Spring-loaded fill cap provides emergency fire engulfment venting to NTTC DOT 406, required in the event of the tank being exposed to a fire
  • Emergency venting capacity 7000m3/h air at 350mb
  • Automatic sealing of the P/V vent in a roll over situation prevents dangerous and costly spillage
  • Steel cover arms exceed the requirements of the Australian DROP test (AS 2809-2-1990)
  • Aluminium cover arm is also available on some variants
  • Self-aligning seal ensures pressure tight operation at all times
  • Two-stage opening allows safe release of residual compartment pressure before fully opening fill cap
  • 250mm (10”) fill hole for easy drop pipe insertion when top loading
  • Lightweight, die cast aluminium   and component materials for increased payloads
  • Low profile design minimizes roll over protection requirements
  • Anti-leak blind bolt holes available on some variants
  • Left and right-hand variants
  • Lockable options use a standard F0053 key
  • Accessory ports for either dip-tube mandrel, over-spill prevention probe, an additional P/V vent or F0592 high flow compartment vent valve
  • F0337 – 16″ Round Manhole Cover L/H
  • F0338 – 16″ Round Manhole Cover R/H
  • F0339 – 16″ x 14″ Oval Manhole Cover
  • F0355 – 16″ Round Manhole Cover with Vapor Vent Pad
  • F0512 – 20″ Round Manhole Cover with Vapor Vent Pad

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