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Emergency Shut Down Air Valve

Lightweight, compact and clearly visible air system Emergency Shut Down (ESD) valves, designed for mounting at any desired position on the tank truck. A remote control device for quickly closing pneumatic valves, road tanker bottom loading and vapor return systems in an emergency situation. These valves offer the operator a rapid means of emergency closure, remote from the main air system control valves. They require no resetting after use. Our international experience with fuel transportation, loading and delivery practices, allows us to recommend and offer safe and reliable pneumatic operating systems with varying degrees of security interlocking.

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Emco Wheaton

AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Emco Wheaton products. Emco Wheaton has been a supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories for over 100 years. From top and bottom loading arms to loading single or multi-compartment trailer trucks, to more complex marine loading systems capable of handling a multitude of liquids, Emco Wheaton always has quality solutions.

  • Push and leave simple and positive control.
  • Remote emergency shut off.
  • Red button – clear indication as emergency device.
  • Supplied with mounting bracket – holes match Emco Wheaton 24 hole F337, F338, F355 and F512 manhole cover bolt spacing.
  • Connects in series – one or more can be fitted in desired positions e.g. tanker top, off side and rear.
  • 4mm or 6mm push-in fittings are integral allowing quick fit /removal.
  • Durable, weather proof, delrin construction.
  • Weight: 0.12 kg.

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