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Scully Two-Wire Optic Socket — UK

Up to 8 tanker-mounted two-wire optic sensors can be connected to a Scully Overfill Prevention Monitor, such as a ST15 single point overfill prevention controller, using the Scully two-wire optic socket. can be installed with dummy sensors in the socket and used on cars with one compartment up to eight compartments. Additionally, a pressure switch can be used to ensure that the vapour hose connection is complete before the controller issues a permissible signal, and it can have an interlock switch fitted that permits the brakes to be applied when the Scully plug is connected. At the customer's desire, the socket can have any arrangement of the aforementioned installed.

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  • A good fit for scully two-wire optical sensors.
  • Provides for both top and bottom loading.
  • A sturdy build.
  • Electronic dummy is included for tankers with fewer than eight compartments.
  • Installation on a tanker chassis is simple.
  • Polypropylene cap that is lightweight and green.
  • Available with a top loading inbuilt brake interlock switch.
  • Top loading socket mounting bracket option with threaded captive plate and bolts.
  • Vapor recovery with an optional inbuilt pressure switch.
  • Tanker earthing pins are included.
  • Electrical Connection: Terminals for pressure
  • Electronic Dummy: For use in road tankers with eight or fewer compartments
  • Clamping: Provided for within the socket
  • Size: Refer to diagram

Exposed Material:

  • Top Socket: Zinc/aluminum alloy body
  • Bottom Socket: Polycarbonate, Stainless steel contact pins, Polyvinyl dust cap
  • Weight: 2.3 kg

Part Number Description
 7508644 Top Socket with 2 dummies only
 7508646 Top Socket with nothing installed
 7508802/I Top Socket with dummy and Interlock
 7508645 Bottom Socket with 2 dummies only
 7508646/P Bottom Socket with dummy and pressure switch
 7508802/I/T/2Comp Bottom Socket with 2 dummies and Interlock
 7508802/IP Bottom Socket with 1 dummy, Interlock and pressure switch
 7508802/IP/1Comp Bottom Socket with 2 dummies, Interlock and pressure switch
 7508802/IP/-DUMMY Bottom Socket with Interlock and pressure switch
7508802/I/B/1Comp Bottom Socket with 2 dummies and Interlock only
 7508802/IP/2Comp Bottom Socket with 2 dummies, Interlock and pressure switch


Part Number Description
 7520628 Housing Gasket
 0100774 Machined Enclosure Polyester
 7531559 Top Socket Enclosure
 7531276 Socket Faceplate with Interlock hole
 7531276UK Socket Faceplate without Interlock hole
 7508542 Electronic Dummy, SD-SCE 5 element
 0100543 Pressure Switch Assembly
 0100181 Interlock Switch
 0100179 Bulkhead Connector 4mm
 508574 Polyvinyl Dust Cap and Cable Assembly, gree

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