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Scully T.I.M.® – Truck Identification Module

The Scully Truck Identication Module® (T.I.M.®) gives the Vehicle Identication Prover® (V.I.P.®) System control unit feature a special serial number. During loading, the truck can communicate with the terminal with the help of the Intellitrol®. Your Scully tank overfill prevention system and vehicle static grounding controls are utilized in conjunction with the system.

The loading rack overfill prevention plug is connected to the socket as a tank truck pulls into the loading bay. The Scully Intellitrol or VIP control unit reads the T.I.M.'s serial number. Additionally, the overall sensors and grounding status are checked. The truck is permitted to load if all three of these safety requirements are satisfied. 

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  • Installs quickly in the override prevention socket you already have.
  • Detect trucks as they arrive at the terminal and make the loading approval procedure automated.
  • Utilize the rack's already-installed plug and wire for a single connection to establish communication.
Temperature Range: -40° to +140° F (-40° to +60° C)
Materials: Epoxy encapsulated
Dimensions: Shown on diagram
Approvals: Factory Mutual (FM), for use in Class 1, Division II, Group D hazardous locations in the U.S. and Canada.

part# Description
 08836-LT T.I.M. Scully Truck ID Module for Scully Intellitrol/V.I.P. system compatibility

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