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Break Away Cables

For terminal equipment protection during truck drive-aways.

  • Protect your investment in controllers, wiring, and cables
  • Recover from a drive-away in minutes without an electrician
  • Choose between a short Break-Away Plug and Cable close to the vehicle or a longer Pull-Away Plug and Cable connected near the terminal junction box
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Scully plugs and cables are the product of years of industry experience and offer durable, efficient operation. They are designed for use only with the intrinsically safe output circuits of Scully’s ST-35, ST-15 and Intellitrol®. Scully Plugs and Cables are used to connect the Scully loading rack control monitor to the vehicle mounted socket. The plugs and cables are the pathway for the control unit/sensor signals which monitor the status of overfill prevention, electro-static grounding and vehicle identification during loading operations.


AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Scully products. Scully is the market leader in overfill prevention systemsretained product monitoringvehicle groundinglevel alert notification and vehicle to terminal communications.

Break-Away Plug and Cable Pull-Away Plug and Cable
Cable with two plugs on it attaches to the end of the Scully overfill plug for drive-away situations Cable with Scully overfill plug connects to a special socket wired to the junction box for quick disconnects and easy cable replacement during drive-aways
Designed as an extension to existing Scully plug Designed as one-piece easy replacement plug and cable without additional connections
Part  Number Description
09474 SG-GRN-4 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 10 Pin, Green Plug, 4J Slots
 09472 SG-GRN-2 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 10 Pin, Green Plug, 2J Slots
 09473 SG-BLU-3 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 6 Pin, Blue Plug, 3J Slots
Environmental Temperature: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
10 Conductor Cable: White– 16 Gauge, All Other– 18 Gauge, 3 feet (91.44cm)
Materials: Plug Body: Polyurethane
Insulator: Polycarbonate
Contact Pins: Stainless Steel

Note: The cable’s working length is enclosed in a fuel-resistant jacket. The cable is oil and gas resistant

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