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Coxreels XTM Series Spring Driven Hose Reels

The COXREELS® XTM "Extreme Duty" Series is made for high-demand sectors that need construction that goes above and beyond truck duty. The XTM series includes the most complete reel choices available, and it was designed with mining, off-road, heavy equipment, and heavy equipment lubrication in mind. This series focuses on providing the hardest reel for the roughest situations and applications by combining all the heavy duty features possible inside a sturdy all-welded box frame with an inbuilt roller bracket.

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  • Swivel
  • Design and Structure
  • Retract
  • Signature Features
  • Models
  • External fluid path with 90° full-flow NPT swivel inlet and swivel retaining plates that are machined from solid brass
  • Swivel Seals: NITRILE
  • Steel swivel with an electroless nickel plating on 1" variants
  • For HP versions, a swivel that is zinc-plated steel
  • Fully welded box frame construction with redundant flanges and welded joints.
    Wider frames incorporate the exclusive Super HubTM triple axle support system from Coxreels.
  • A pawl and pawl spring on a ratchet locking mechanism with easy access to stainless steel
  • All variants use stainless steel rollers.
  • Dual oiled precise bearings and a 1-inch solid steel axle ensure a smooth and sturdy rotation.
  • Cartridge-style spring motor that is enclosed, factory-tuned, and matched
  • Zinc-plated ratchet with a non-corrosive stainless steel spring and pawl.
  • A ratchet mechanism with multiple positions locks the hose at the specified length.
  • Professional grade heavy duty steel construction
  • Rolled edges & ribbed discs provide strength & safety
  • Leading 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Sold & Supported Worldwide
  • SWIVEL - External fluid path with machined from solid brass 90° full-flow NPT swivel inlet & swivel retaining plates
  • BOX FRAME - Fully welded box frame construction, welded seams & redundant flanges. Wider frames feature Coxreels’ exclusive Super Hub™ triple axle support system
  • CNC SPUN DISCS - Heavy duty CNC robotically spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges for greater strength, durability, hose protection and operator safety.
  • PRECISION BEARINGS - 1" solid steel axle & dual lubricated precision bearings for smooth & stable rotation.
  • OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE - Enclosed factory tuned & matched cartridge-style spring motor, long lasting, chip resistant and rust inhibiting CPC powder coat finish, adjustable solid rubber hose stop, and stainless steel rollers.
XTM-LP-3100 3/8" 5/8" 100' Yes 300 92 10.13"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  8.91"(M)10"(N)  10"(X)15"(Y)
XTM-LP-375 3/8" 5/8" 75' Yes 300 89 10.13"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  8.91"(M)10"(N)  10"(X)15"(Y)
XTM-LP-4100 1/2" 3/4" 100' Yes 300 96 10.13"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  8.91"(M)10"(N)  10"(X)15"(Y)
XTM-LP-475 1/2" 3/4" 75' Yes 300 92 10.13"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  8.91"(M)10"(N)  10"(X)15"(Y)
XTM-LP-550 3/4" 1-1/6" 50' Yes 300 94 10.13"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  8.91"(M)10"(N)  10"(X)15"(Y)
XTM-LP-575 3/4" 1-1/6" 50' Yes 300 101 12.75"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  8.91"(M)10"(N)  12.75"(X)15"(Y)
XTM-LP-650 1" 1-1/2" 50' Yes 300 114 12.75"(W)26.13"(H)24.06"(L)  11.69"(M)10"(N)  12.75"(X)15"(Y)

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