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Marine Loading Arm – B0300

Our B0300 Marine Loading Arm has been designed for any application where it is essential to keep the product pipe consistently the same size for either economical or technical reasons, e.g. cryogenic products down to -168 °C, piggable systems and PTFE-lining.

This design has proven its reliability for many years.

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The B0300 design includes a special support structure for the standpost, inboard and outboard arm and separates any mechanical loads imposed to the product pipe, except the dead-weight and internal pressure loads.

Additionally this provides optimum operational safety aspects, low weight of the arm and lowest wind loads imposed on the jetty structure.

Balancing of the arm is achieved by a rigid link pantograph system with independent counterweights directly linked to the inboard and outboard arm. This ensures accurate balance throughout all maneuvering and connecting positions.

The advantages over hose loading facilities are:

  • Ease of handling
  • Higher availability/ flexibility
  • Less man power and minimum maintenance
  • Maximum operational safety and minimized operational cost (cost of ownership)
  • The B0300 is designed for hydraulic operation and can be fitted with the most sophisticated ancillary equipment.

Emco Wheaton

AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Emco Wheaton products. Emco Wheaton has been a supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories for over 100 years. From top and bottom loading arms to loading single or multi-compartment trailer trucks, to more complex marine loading systems capable of handling a multitude of liquids, Emco Wheaton always has quality solutions.


  • 4″ up to 16″

Pressure ratings:

  • PN 10 up to PN 40


  • Carbon steel
  • Low temperature steel
  • Stainless steel

Temperature range:

  • -168° to +200° C

Customized solutions available on request.

  • Drum Filling Loading Arm
  • Fixed Reach Loader – E2110
  • Fixed Reach Loader – E2804, E2805, E2812, E2813 (US: E2110)
  • Loading Arm With Fixed Connection – E2816 to E2819 ; E2615 to E2618
  • Parallel Loading Arm – E2632
  • Supported Boom Arms – 2800 to E2803 E2808 to E2811 (US: E2025)
  • Supported Boom Loader – E2025
  • Top Loading Arm For Liquified Gases – E2611 , E2612
  • Top Loading With Vapor Return Hose – E2630
  • Top Unloading Arm With Heating Line For Rail Cars – E2710
  • Unsupported Boom Loader – E2022
  • Variable Reach Loader – E2112
  • Variable Reach Loader – E2806, E2807, E2814, E2815 (US: E2112)
  • WE2800, WE2804, WE2800, World Top Loader

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