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VEGAPULS 6X Radar sensor

Under all process circumstances, the VEGAPULS 6X is a universal sensor for continuous level monitoring of liquids and bulk solids. The VEGAPULS 6X provides a dependable and cost-effective solution for applications of all levels thanks to its application-oriented configuration and setup. It makes sure that all applications will operate without maintenance thanks to its variable antenna systems.

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The VEGAPULS 6X can be used in almost all industrial areas and applications. It is selected and adapted simply by an application-orientated configuration and setup. 

  • Maintenance-free operation thanks to non-contact measuring princi- ple
  • High plant availability, because wear and maintenance free
  • Exact measuring results independent of process conditions

The device sends a continuous radar signal or extremely short microwave pulses, depending on its measuring frequency, via its antenna. The transmitted signal is reflected by the medium and received as an echo by the antenna.

The frequency difference between the transmitted and the received signal or the time from transmitting to receiving the signals is proportional to the distance and depends on the filling height.

The thus determined filling height is transformed into an appropriate output signal and output as a measured value.

Measuring range

up to 120 m (393.7 ft)


≤ 1 mm

Beam angle depending on antenna

Measuring frequency

W-band – 80 GHz, C-band – 6 GHz, K- band – 26 GHz technology

Process fitting

Mounting straps, compression flanges from DN 80, 3", thread from G¾, ¾ NPT, encapsulated antenna system, flanges from DN 50, 2", flange with swivelling holder from DN 100, 4"

Process pressure

-1 … 25 bar (-100 … 2500 kPa/-

14.5 … 362.6 psig)

Process temperature

-196 … +250 °C (-321 … +482 °F)

Ambient, storage and transport temperature

-40 … +80 °C (-40 … +176 °F)

Bluetooth standard

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth range

typically 25 m (82 ft)

Operating voltage

12 … 35 V DC

Output signal

4 … 20 mA/HART, Profibus PA, Founda- tion Fieldbus, Modbus

Protection rating

IP66/IP67, IP66/IP68 (0.2 bar)/IP69,

IP66/68 (1 bar) – acc. to IEC 60529; Type 4X, Type 6P – acc. to NEMA

The wetted parts of the instrument are made of 316L, PP, PTFE or PEEK. The process seal is made of FKM, FFKM, EPDM or PTFE.

The device is available in different electronic versions.

  • 4 … 20 mA/HART in two or four-wire version
  • Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus protocol
  • Integrated overvoltage arrester, additional current output, integrated radio module PLICSMOBILE 81

Worldwide approvals are available for VEGA instruments, e.g. for use in hazardous areas, on ships or in hygienic applications. For approved devices (e.g. with Ex approval) the technical data in the respective safety instructions are applicable. You can find detailed information in the available approvals on our homepage under " Downloads".

Adjustment directly at the measuring point The adjustment of the instrument is carried out via the optional display and adjustment module PLICSCOM or via a PC with the adjustment software PACTware and corresponding DTM.

Wireless adjustment via Bluetooth
The Bluetooth version of display and adjustment module enables a wireless connection to standard adjustment units. This can be smartphones/tablets with iOS or Android operating system or PCs with PACTware and Bluetooth USB adapter. Wireless connection to standard operating devices Adjustment is hence carried out via a free-of-charge app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store or the adjustment software PACTware and respective DTM.

Adjustment via PACTware or app
Adjustment via remote systems. Further adjustment options are possible via a HART Communicator as well as manufacturer-specific programs such as AMS™ or PDM.

Electronics and connection compartment, single chamber housing (example)

  • Voltage supply/Signal output
  • For display and adjustment module or interface adapter
  • For external display and adjustment unit
  • Ground terminal for connection of the cable screening

Dimensions and antenna versions VEGAPULS 6X

  • Plastic horn antenna
  • Thread with integrated antenna system
  • Flange with encapsulated antenna system
  • Hygienic fitting
  • Horn antenna
  • Flange with lens antenna

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