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Rubber Suction / Discharge Hoses

The most vulnerable link in the chain of production, distribution and use of bulk hydrocarbons is the point of transfer. AYTC offers a comprehensive range of rubber hoses that  specifically and easily handle hydrocarbons including oils, petroleum, diesel, lubricants, paraffin and 100% aromatics, in all kinds of transfer. Capacity ranging from 10-20 Bar for Suction & Delivery.

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Lower Temperature Rating -40  degrees fahrenheit
Upper Temperature Rating 180  degrees fahrenheit
Brand Name Continental ContiTech, Alfagomma, Mas-flex, Alfaflex
Color Black
Compatible Material Water, petroleum products, chemicals,
Exterior Finish Wrapped Finish
Purpose Suction/Discharge
Material Rubber
Measurement System Inch
Operating Vacuum Pressure 29  inches mercury
Reinforcement Material Spiral Plied Synthetic Fabric With Wire Helix
  • Medium to heavy duty suction and discharge hose suitable for general-purpose applications
  • Versigard (EPDM) synthetic rubber tube and cover for weather, ozone, and mild chemical resistance
  • Spiral plied synthetic fabric and wire helix reinforcement for extra strength and resistance to collapse
  • Temperature range of -40 to +180 degrees F (-40 to +82 degrees C)

This general-purpose, branded, medium-to-heavy-duty suction and discharge hose, with its full vacuum rating of 29″ Hg, is suitable for a variety of applications. Its Versigard (EPDM, ethylene propylene diene monomer) synthetic rubber tube and cover offer improved resistance to ozone, chemicals, aging, and heat compared to many alternative materials, and its combined spiral plied synthetic fabric and wire helix reinforcement provide the extra strength and resistance to collapse required for medium to heavy duty applications. This hose is capable of functioning effectively at temperatures ranging from -40 to +180 degrees F (-40 to +82 degrees C), and can either by supplied as stand alone or complete assembly with aluminum cam and groove couplings for convenient fitting and extension.

Industrial hoses transfer or convey air or liquid in hose systems. When selecting industrial hoses, use the STAMPED method:

S = Size (ID, OD, and length)
T = Temperature (maximum and minimum temperatures of material being transported)
A = Application (industry or process)
M = Material (to be conveyed, type and concentration)
P = Pressure (maximum working pressure)
E = Ends (type of end connectors or couplings on hose)
D = Delivery method (volume and velocity)

The inside diameter of the hose must be adequate to keep pressure loss to a minimum and avoid damage to the hose due to heat generation or excessive turbulence. The hose must be capable of withstanding the minimum and maximum temperatures that occur within the hose system. Some applications require specialized oils or chemicals to be conveyed through the system. In this case, hose selection must ensure compatibility of the hose tube, cover, couplings and O-rings with the fluid used. Industrial hoses are used in systems such as air compressors, automatic manufacturing operations, aircraft controls, and tire installation in industries including agriculture, mining, road construction, firefighting, and aviation.

Ali Yaqoob Trading Co. L.L.C sells rubber hoses, industrial power transmission products, conveyor belts, hydraulics, rubber track, and automotive and truck products.

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