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7887 Mechanical Meter Register

Ideal for increased efficiency in all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. Utilizing a geared drive available in a wide selection of ratios, the Meter Register records in practically any unit of liquid measure – gallons, liters, barrels, etc. – as well as non-liquid units.

Optional adaptors are available to mate the Meter Register with all standard meters and pumps. Easily combined with Veeder-Root Meter Preset and Printer to form a complete count, control and print system.

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This rugged, precise mechanical meter register is designed for all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. This register totalizes and displays high-speed deliveries and transactions in large, easy-to-read figures.

Veeder Root

AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Veeder-Root products. Veeder-Root is the world leader in mechanical meter registers having over 60 years of experience producing accurate, high quality and reliable registers.

Product Number Description Notes
07887XX-XXX 5-wheel Register See price book for ordering information.
07890XX-XXX 5 Wheel Register & Printer Printer and Register combination.
078910X-XXX 5 Wheel Register & 5 Wheel Preset Preset and Register combination
078920X-XXX 5 Wheel Register, Printer & 5 Wheel Preset Printer, Preset, Register combination
07888XX-XXX Printer Impact printer, options available with and without a printer cover
0788901-XXX Preset 5-wheel Preset for preset deliveries
  • High-visibility display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting

  • Bulletproof construction for maximum dependability at high delivery speeds

  • Positive-action knob reset avoids errors

  • Built-in precision totalizer means accurate readings up to 99,999,999 units

  • Versatile design fits all popular flow meters in refinery operations, pipelines, liquid storage facilities and trucking/distribution

Speed 250 rpm of right register wheel
Drive torque During counting, average running torque at room temperature with a 1:1 ratio gear plate is 4 oz.-in. (2.8 N-cm). During display wheel transfer from all 9’s to all 0’s, the torque may reach 16 oz.-in. (11.3 N-cm).
Number of figures Delivery display: 5
Totalizer: 8
Delivery display: 0.750″ high, 0.400″ wide (19.05, 10.16 mm).
Totalizer: 0.125″ high, 0.078″ wide (3.18, 1.98 mm).
Character configuration 0 to 9. Models available with tenths indicated by decimal point. Other options available.
Operating temperature rating -40 degrees to +71 degrees C (-40 degrees to +160 degrees F).
Construction Cover: cast aluminum.
Sub-frames and case: cast Zamak.
Finished in corrosion resistant epoxy.
Wheels, pinions and clutch: acetal resin.
Gearing Gearing: 1:1 is standard. 1:1 through 42:1 are available.
Lubrication Periodic lubrication is recommended to maintain equipment in optimal working condition
Rated life 50,000 reset cycles or 25,000,000 revolutions of right wheel, whichever comes first, under normal operating conditions.

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