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Wayne Ovation HS Ultra-high-capacity Fuel and DEF Dispensers

Wayne Ovation HS ultra-high-capacity fuel and DEF dispensers enhance the contemporary, user-friendly Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser series with ultra-high fueling performance. Now you can maintain a unified brand identity and user experience between your high-volume truck islands and your consumer islands. You have access to all the cutting-edge technology that the Ovation dispenser offers, including media, huge VGA display options, and industry-leading secure payment technologies, to improve user-friendliness and increase sales. 

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With up to four hoses per side and up to seven grades being distributed, a sleek dispenser designed to deliver will increase your forecourt's fueling options. Upgrade your forecourt now.

The Ovation fuel dispenser was created to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through its media platform, improve flexibility and security through secure payment platforms, and more. As a result, it is the cutting-edge technology that may help deliver profit to your forecourt. 

Only diesel-powered high-performance master and satellite variants are available. Each master hose has a satellite-ready master equipped with it. The diesel master hoses on the diesel + DEF variants can also be used with satellite dispensers. 


Combination HS diesel and DEF models that save space. For chilly climates where DEF freezing is a risk and temps could drop to below 12°F. One of the regular side columns is swapped out with a unique heated and insulated DEF hydraulic and hose handling cabinet. One side only; the DEF module can be ordered on either the right or left. 

The cost-effective HS diesel and DEF variants are designed for warm locations where temperatures are consistently over 12°F and freezing of the DEF is not an issue. Hydraulics for diesel and DEF are located in the same basic, unheated Ovation dispenser cabinet. On either side of the dispenser that has a master diesel pipe, there is a left-facing DEF hose available. 

The cold-climate DEF-only model is for areas where DEF freezing is a concern and temperatures may drop below 12°F. One of the regular side columns is replaced by a customised heated DEF hydraulic and hose handling cabinet, and the other column is removed to free up room. The DEF module is only offered in a single side form and can be specified on either the right or left side. For areas where temperatures are consistently over 12°F and DEF freezing is not an issue, warm-climate DEF-only models are used. The typical unheated Ovation cabinet houses the DEF hydraulics. Models with one or two sides are available.

Flexible combination models with Wayne iMeter fuel metres for standard-flow diesel or petrol products and Liquid Controls metres for high-flow diesel are available. Large trucks and passenger vehicles can be handled from the same dispenser with the HL model's adaptability. On either side of the dispenser that has a master diesel hose, there is a standard-flow hose available. When facing the dispenser from either side, the hose with the regular flow is always on the left. Separate inlets are used for the high-flow diesel and low-flow hydraulic trees. One product can only be used with the standard-flow hoses.

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