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Wayne Century 3 fuel dispenser

The Wayne Century 3 gasoline dispenser is a reliable and portable type created to meet the needs of a variety of applications and fueling sites. The Century 3 fuel dispenser, which draws on decades of hydraulic innovation, is not only one of the most important players in the industry when it comes to providing a smooth fueling experience, but it is also built to be truly modular, giving you the freedom to design the dispenser you need to serve your customers the best. This feisty little dispenser may be small, but it was designed to rule the roost. It is available with a wide range of flow rates, from standard to ultra-high speed, to provide some of your fleet vehicles with the best fueling experience. When it comes to compact gasoline distribution solutions, the Century 3 fuel dispenser is the top dog and the creme-de-la-creme.  

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Endless Configuration Options

The Century 3 fuel dispenser boasts exceptional modularity capabilities, giving you the freedom to design your fuel pump to fit your exact fueling needs.

Built to Last

An exceedingly robust, compact design is one of the core selling features of this unassuming dispenser. Built with field-proven, best-of-the-best components and corrosion-resistant materials that offer top class durability, this dispenser has been developed by experts to stand the test of time.

Certified Metering Accuracy

Our leading meter technology is at the heart of the Wayne Century 3 fuel dispenser. Tested time and time again in the field, with impressively accurate results each and every time, our meter technology delivers exceptional stability and minimal drift and offers antitampering protection, precise electronic calibration and robust componentry for compatibility with all fuel types.

High Capacity Fueling

When configured for high-capacity fueling, this dispenser offers powerful performance and operational reliability when delivering fuel at very high and ultra-high flow rates.

Technology Leadership at its Core

With reliable performance and dependable meter stability, this dispenser has been built to offer a long lifetime of service to your customers, with a less service interventions for low total cost of ownership. All thanks to the foundation on which this dispenser has been built: technology leadership.

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