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Fill-Rite Nextec NX25 Series AC Pumps

The new nextec Intelligence™ AC model, the NX25-240 fuel transfer series, allows fleet managers to fuel all day with less downtime due to short duty cycles or overheating. Our industry-leading pumps are equipped with a variable speed motor and Fill-Rite’s exclusive nextec Intelligence™ technology for elite performance in harsh applications. Its low-profile, lightweight construction eases installation while still moving fuel more efficiently than the competition.
Maximize your pumping efficiency with the elite Continuous Duty platform offering:

  • Continuous duty for all-day fueling
  • True 95 lpm flow at the nozzle
  • Simplified troubleshooting through audible Intelligent Tones™
  • Reduced power consumption with its auto shut-off after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • Remote on/off functionality ideal for tall, above-ground tanks
  • Variable speed motor mitigates vapor lock
  • Weighs less than 11 Kgs for easier installation

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• Continuous duty for fuel transfer – nonstop performance eliminates downtime, saving you time and money
• 25 GPM/ 95 LPM*
• 240VAC (50/60 Hz)
• Bung Mount Configuration
• 2” NPT Bung Mount
• 1 1/4” NPT Inlet (Suction Pipe)
• 1” NPT Outlet
• Foot Mount Configuration
• 1” NPT Inlet
• 1” NPT Outlet
• Foot mount plate
• Compatible with diesel, gasoline, bio-diesel up to B20, E15, kerosene, mineral spirits, and methanol (up to 15%)
• Remote on/off – remote switching capability for tall, above ground tanks
• Intelligent tones – simplify troubleshooting with audible tones that indicate when and where attention is needed
• Variable speed motor – pump actively adjusts its speed for optimal performance and improves suction lift
• Lightweight – at less than 23 lbs.**, nextec provides a hassle-free and strain-free installation
• Auto power down – after 20 minutes of inactivity the pump will turn itself off, reducing energy costs
• Magnetic switch – smooth operation and completely field replaceable
• Reduced vapor lock – keep your operation running in the harshest summer temperatures
• Slow down in bypass – reduce energy consumption and preserve the life of wetted components
• UL, cUL listed(motor and pump)

We at Ali Yaqoob Trading Co. L.L.C are the leading distributor of Fill-Rite products. We only believe in offering our customers the best in terms of quality and price. When it comes to DC & AC fuel transfer pumps, Fill-Rite flow meter, and related accessories such as nozzlesfiltershoses, and more, Fill-Rite is the industry’s best.If you’ve owned one of our products, you know the satisfaction of superior quality and performance. Materials such as carbon, steel, bronze, and cast iron simply mean that our Fill-Rite products are in it for the long run.That being said, you have to try them to believe it. Whether you are at a fueling station, or pass by a construction or fleet site, you are sure to find our products. In fact, it has been proven time after time as industry pros turn to us for products that are durable, accurate and dependable. Get in touch with us to avail of a product or for assistance in knowing more about it.

Model Specific Information

Voltage Mounting Configuration Threads Certifications Accessory Package Hose Meter Nozzle
NX25-120NB-PX 120VAC 1″ NPT UL/cUL PX PX  
NX25-120NB-AA 120VAC 2″ NPT Bung 1″ NPT UL/cUL AA  1″ X 18’ Static Wire Hose 1″ Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic
NX25-120NB-AB 120VAC 2″ NPT Bung 1″ NPT UL/cUL AB  1″ X 18’ Static Wire Hose 900CD 1″ Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic
NX25-120NB-AC 120VAC 2″ NPT Bung 1″ NPT UL/cUL AC  1″ X 18’ Static Wire Hose 900CDP 1″ Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic
NX25-120NB-AD 120VAC 2″ NPT Bung 1″ NPT UL/cUL Motor AD 1″ X 20’ Arctic Hose 1″ Automatic Arctic Duty
NX25-120NB-AE 120VAC 2″ NPT Bung 1″ NPT UL/cUL Motor AE 1″ X 20’ Arctic Hose 900CD 1″ Automatic Arctic Duty
NX25-120NF-PX 120VAC Foot Mount 1″ NPT UL/cUL PX
NX25-120NF-AA 120VAC Foot Mount 1″ NPT UL/cUL AA  1″ X 18’ Static Wire Hose 1″ Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic
NX25-240NF-PX** 240VAC Foot Mount 1″ NPT UL/cUL PX
NX25-240BF-PX** 240VAC Foot Mount 1″BSPP ATEX, CE, IECEx PX
NX25-240BB-PX** 240VAC 2″ BSP Bung 1″BSPP ATEX, CE, IECEx PX
NX25-DDCNB-PX 12-24V DC 2″ NPT Bung 1″NPT UL/cUL Motor, CE, ATEX, IECEx PX
NX25-DDCNF-PX 12-24V DC Foot Mount 1″NPT UL/cUL Motor, CE, ATEX, IECEx PX
NX25-DDCBB-PX 12-24V DC 2″ BSPT Bung 1″BSPP UL/cUL Motor, CE, ATEX, IECEx PX
NX25-DDCBF-PX 12-24V DC Foot Mount 1″BSPP UL/cUL Motor, CE, ATEX, IECEx PX
NX25-DDCNB-AA 12-24V DC 2″ NPT Bung 1″NPT UL/cUL Motor, CE, ATEX, IECEx AA 1″ X 18’ Static Wire Hose 1″ Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic
NX25-DDCNF-AA 12-24V DC Foot Mount 1″NPT UL/cUL Motor, CE, ATEX, IECEx AA 1″ X 18’ Static Wire Hose 1″ Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic

*nextec AC and DC Series Flow Rate: 25GPM / 95LPM

Power 240VAC (50/60 Hz)
HP (Horsepower) Rating 1/3 HP
Amps (FLA) 1.8
RPM Variable 400 – 3500
Duty Cycle Continuous for fuel transfer
Thermal Protection Electronically protected
Certifications UL/cUL Motor, ATEX, IECEx, CE
Type / Design Rotary Vane
GPM in Supplied Configuration 25 GPM / 95 LPM**
Bypass Pressure Rating (PSI) – Max 25 PSI
Dry Vac (in Hg) 11
Head – Max 48.5′
Inlet – Size / Thread 1 – 1/4″ NPT (BSP available)
Outlet – Size / Thread 1″ NPT (BSP available)
Mount 2” NPT Bung/2” BSP Bung
Material – Pump Housing Cast Iron
Material – Wetted Material Phenolic, Stainless Steel, Steel,
Acetal, Thermoset, Buna-N,
Rotor Material Powdered Iron
Rotor Vane Material Acetal
Compatible Fluids Diesel, Gasoline, Bio-Diesel
up to B20, E15, Kerosene, Mineral
Spirits, Methanol (up to 15%)
Strainer Mesh Size 20 x 20
Warranty 2 Years
Kit Description Parts
KIT321RK Overhaul Kit Rotor, rotor cover, vanes, o-ring seal, shaft seal kit, bypass valve, inlet seal & screen, rotor key, attaching hardware
KIT321RG Rotary Group Rotor, vanes, rotor key, gasket, rotor cover, screws
KIT320SL Shaft Seal 8 piece assembly
KIT321BV Bypass Kit Poppet, spring, o-ring, cap
KIT321NB Boot Kit Nozzle boot, attaching hardware
KIT321SK External Seal Kit Rotor cover o-ring seal, inlet gasket, screen
KIT321BG Inlet Kit Inlet bung adapter, attaching hardware, inlet screen, seal
KIT321SW Switch / Breaker Switch Assembly
KIT321PC Power Cord 20’ Power cord with threaded sleeve attachment and o-ring seals
KIT321FLG Meter Flange Kit 900CD Meter Flange, attaching hardware

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