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Marine Break-Away

The TODO NGX Marine Break-Away Coupling has been designed to eliminate spillage and damage associated with ship and/or barge movement when loading and unloading hazardous liquids.It also features the market leading flow rate versus pressure drop relationship.

The Marine version of TODO’s tried and tested NGX Break-Away Coupling has been engineered to withstand harsh marine conditions, and as such will only break and separate under a straight-pull force. Forces perpendicular to the line of flow will not affect the NGX Marine Break-Away

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The coupler automatically senses an excessive straight-pull load, closes the valves and then allows disconnection.


  • High flow rate / low pressure drop
  • Designed to resist axial force so that disconnect only occurs when subjected to straight pull forces
  • Operates independently of shut off safety systems and does not require an external power source
  • Easy to re-set on site with

TODO Coupling Supplier

As an industry leader having more than three decades of experience in manufacturing products used in hauling petroleum, gas, and hazardous chemicals, TODO is a name you can trust to deliver exceptionally high-quality couplings. At Ali Yaqoob Trading, we are proud to represent TODO products as its authorized full-service distributor in the UAE. All their products, including the extremely sought-after DRY-BREAK couplings, are designed to function effortlessly even under the most testing conditions. Major offshore exploration, marine, chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical companies rely on TODO to guarantee safety during the transfer of their most aggressive or valuable liquids.One of the key reasons as to why TODO couplers are so dependable is the fact that it has very few moving parts and demands only minimal user input or effort. Some of the TODO products that we provide include the Aviation TODO-45 Dry-Breaks, Ball Valves, TODO Swivels, Fuel Nozzles, and more. If you have an inquiry or require the support of our technical team, get in touch with us today!

The TODO NGX Marine BREAK-AWAY is available in the following formats:


2″ (DN50), 3″ (DN80), 4″ (DN100), 6″ (DN150)

End Connections


  • BSP (according to ISO 228)
  • NPT (according to ANSI B1.20.1)
  • Others available upon request


  • PN10/16 (according to EN 1092-1)
  • PN25/40 (according to EN 1092-1)
  • ANSI Class 150 (according to ANSI B16.5)
  • ANSI Class 300 (according to ANSI B16.5)
  • Others available upon request

Materials: Stainless Steel only

O-ring Grades

The TODO NGX Marine BREAK-AWAY can be purchased with an almost unlimited choice of O-ring grades to suit a wide range of applications, however the list below features our most commonly used:

  • Nitrile (NBR or Buna)
  • Viton (FKM)
  • EPDM
  • Kalrez (FFKM)
  • FMVQ
  • Chemraz (FFKM)

Working Temperature Range: -20°C to +80°C    (-4°F to +176°F)

Working Pressure:

  • 2″ & 3″ Stainless Steel: 40 bar (580 psi)
  • 4″ Stainless Steel: 25 bar (363 psi)
  • 6″ Stainless Steel: 22 bar (319 psi)
  • Please note that working pressures are reduced for flanged products according to their individual pressure rating – for example: PN10/16 flanged products are reduced to 16 bar in stainless steel

TODO is committed to providing the highest quality products, and so the materials of construction of the NGX Marine BREAK-AWAY is specifically selected for the best possible performance in the widest possible range of applications:

  • Stainless Steel: 316L

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