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Coxreels EZ-SD Series Ez Coil Cable Reels

Heavy-duty and long-lasting COXREELS® EZ-SD Series "Static Discharge" cable reels are available. They are made specifically to be utilized in settings where static buildup could cause a spark to ignite and then an explosion.

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  • Swivel
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  • Retract
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  • Available with galvanized steel or stainless steel cable, 7 strand by 7 wire.
  • Luminous orange vinyl cable covers
  • Includes 50 Amp copper grounding clamp, ball stop, and cable (100 Amp copper grounding clamp is also available; consult factory).
  • Compact static discharge cable reels are available with direct hand crank retraction or spring rewind.
  • Frequently used in conjunction with fuel reels and for grounding in combustible environments
  • Adjustable guide arm for wall, floor, vehicle, and overhead positions
  • Unpowder coated ground reel is the bottom of the base.
  • Cartridge-style spring motor that is enclosed, factory-tuned, and matched
  • Zinc-plated ratchet, non-corrosive stainless steel spring, and pawl
  • Cable length is secured by a multi-position non-sparking lock ratchet mechanism.
  • Professional grade heavy duty steel construction
  • Rolled edges & ribbed discs provide strength & safety
  • Leading 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Sold & Supported Worldwide
  • EZ-COIL® EQUIPPED- Lubricated and enclosed cartridge-style motor is easily removable for safe and convenient maintenance. Coxreels patented safety system that retracts up to 80% slower than conventional reels.
  • CNC SPUN DISCS - Heavy duty CNC robotically spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges for greater strength, durability, hose protection and operator safety.
  • 1/4" STEEL BASE- Sturdy single pedestal design with solid one piece steel base and support post, no weld, for maximum stability.
  • MULTI-POSITION GUIDE ARM- Versatile aluminium guide arm adjusts to wall, floor, ceiling, and vehicle mounting positions.
  • STEEL CABLE - 7 strand x 7 wire galvanized steel cable. High visibility orange vinyl cable cover.
  • OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE- long lasting, chip resistant and rust inhibiting CPC powder coat finish,adjustable solid rubber cable stop, 50 amp grounding clamp, and sturdy permanently lubricated precision bearings.
EZ-SD-100 Yes 100' 32 5/32" 4"(W)15"(H)14.5"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-100-1 Yes 100' 32 5/32" 4"(W)15"(H)14.5"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-35 Yes 35' 18 5/32" 3.88"(W)11.5"(H)11"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-35-1 Yes 35' 18 5/32" 3.88"(W)11.5"(H)11"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-50 Yes 50' 20 5/32" 3.88"(W)11.5"(H)11"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-50-1 Yes 50' 20 5/32" 3.88"(W)11.5"(H)11"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-75 Yes 75' 31 5/32" 4"(W)15"(H)14.5"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SD-75-1 Yes 75' 31 5/32" 4"(W)15"(H)14.5"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SDL-100 No 100' 28 5/32" 4"(W)15"(H)14.5"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)
EZ-SDL-50 No 50' 18 5/32" 3.88"(W)11.5"(H)11"(L)  4"(M)-"(N)  2.5"(X)6"(Y)

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