General Terms and Conditions

Warranty Coverage

  • The products and services supplied by AYTC are covered by a 1-year warranty period (unless otherwise stated in our official offers) against manufacturing defects or service workmanship, subject to the products’ proper use and utilization. AYTC warranty does NOT cover “wear and tear”, “electric motors” (new or repaired) and “electrical parts”.
  • Claims under this warranty will be honored only upon AYTC’s determination that the claim is covered by its warranty, where AYTC shall incur no obligation prior to such determination.
  • Should the equipment/machine covered by this warranty encounter an unanticipated breakdown within its warranty period, AYTC will service the same free of charge, at its workshop or at the site, and this free service shall include workmanship and the replacement of spare parts covered by the AYTC warranty.
  • AYTC warranty does not apply to the unit, which after delivery by AYTC, have been repaired or altered outside of AYTC workshop or by non-AYTC technicians and engineers in any way so as, in AYTC’s judgment, to have adversely affected its operations or, have been subject to misuse, negligence, accident and damage or, have not been maintained according to manufacturer instruction and requirement or, have been installed contrary to the recommended installation practice or, connected to wrong or fluctuated electric current. In any way, alteration, substitution of parts or improper installation or usage shall make null or void any warranty expressed or implied.

Product Delivery

  • The supply of AYTC products are based on “delivery ex” that is, to be collected from the AYTC warehouse in Dubai Investment Park - 2, Dubai, unless a delivery point is stated on client enquiries and clearly mentioned in our quotations.
  • Delivery of orders to the client’s site can be arranged upon request whereby delivery points within Dubai limits are free of charge, subject to scheduling.
  • Delivery of orders outside the above mentioned areas are subject to delivery charges, and shall vary according to location.
  • Order confirmations received with no clear mention of delivery point will be considered as “delivery ex”. If at the time of order, a delivery point (of outside the above areas) is mentioned, additional charges may be applied accordingly and shall be payable in cash upon delivery.
  • Clients are required to clearly specify the delivery point, and contact details of the person in charge of receiving orders, in all of their order confirmations. Failure to do so may inevitably delay the deliveries, and AYTC shall not be held accountable for such delays.
  • For order status updates or delivery schedule details, clients are encouraged to coordinate with AYTC Sales Team thru [email protected]
  • Long delivery lead times mentioned in our quotations are indicative only. AYTC assures that the early acquisition of ordered product(s), from the manufacturer, will result to its immediate supply to the client.
  • Delivery offer mentioned as “Ex-stock” in our quotation shall mean, the item(s) shall be released within seven (7) working days, subject to prior sale, upon receipt of order confirmation from the client.
  • Order confirmation received without prior valid quotation is subject to acceptance by AYTC, taking into consideration the availability, supply lead time and current value of the required product(s).

Order Cancellation

  • Order cancellation must be received in writing within three (3) working days from receipt of order confirmation.
  • No cancellation will be accepted after such time, as some of our products are specially ordered to suit specific requirements.
  • Order cancellation may be accepted in some cases, upon approval of AYTC Management, where such cancellation shall be subject to a charge equal to 15% of the value of cancelled order(s)/product(s).

Product Installation

  • Our offer on selected equipment/machines may include installation at client’s site, subject to scheduling at time of order. Such installation does NOT include any civil work, long distance electrical wirings, piping and air system networks. For some equipment/ machines, civil work drawings may be supplied by AYTC to enable the client prepare its site accordingly.
  • Client shall ensure that the site is readily-prepared, including provision of necessary gate pass (if any), before any installation is to take place.
  • Clients are encouraged to coordinate the necessary site preparation details and installation schedule with AYTC Sales thru [email protected] where the need to mention the order confirmation reference number is mandatory.

After-Sales Service

  • For any technical, preventive maintenance and/or repair service requirement related to AYTC-supplied equipment/machines the client must directly contact AYTC’s Sales (Dubai Investment Park - 2) thru telephone number +971-4-3330105 or may send an email thru [email protected]
  • To help prolong the use of selected AYTC-supplied equipment/machines, clients are encouraged to avail of AYTC’s Preventive Maintenance Contract, with operational benefits outlined as follows:
    • Better service level at a lower overall maintenance cost (discounted spare parts and labor fees).
    • Higher system Return of Investment (ROI) by extending your machines usability.
    • Experienced technicians to take care of your machines periodic requirements.
    • Take advantage of a reliable service provider, and obtain the correct and safe maintenance procedures for your machines.

Materials Property

  • All goods sold shall remain the property of Ali Yaqoob Trading Co. L.L.C until full payment is received.

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