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Kripflow Intelligent Fuel Card (K-card) Fuel Management System

The most effective and comprehensive fuel management system in the world for ultimate accountability, theft prevention, and station management is the Kripflow Intelligent K-Card Fuel Management System (FMS). It keeps track of how much petrol is removed from your tank, where it goes, and who takes it.

This cutting-edge system enables the driver to use a gasoline card protected by intelligent encryption technology for cashless refuelling and payment solutions. are a reliable and user-friendly option for fueling stations and fleets of all sizes.

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  • Front Counter (FC) POS System

Easy installation and configuration: Our FMS is compatible with most
pump and meters. Installation typically takes between 2 to 3 hours.

Low cost, full featured: Our FMS is a fraction of the price of existing
FMS without sacrificing the control and visibility you expect thanks to
our advanced technology, quality components and proprietary software

Stay connected: Your fuel data is available anytime, anywhere, on any
computer. View real-time transactions and push out automatic updates
to prevent fraud and control fuel use.

The K Card advantage: Prepayment means pre-sales which
contributes to increase in sales of the fuel station. This improves the
working performance efficiently.

  • Control up to 16 storage tanks and 64 nozzles simultaneous!
  • The most cost effective solution on the market
  • No ongoing, user or license fees/subscriptions
  • Get real-time updates and alerts on fuel inventory
  • All fuel transactions are registered and processed immediately
  • Manage your station efficiently and reduce operational costs
  • Provides flexible payment modes and cashless refueling.
  • Easily set fuel card limits or block card if stolen.
  • Fast refueling process significantly reduces waiting time at stations
  • Offers daily reports and statistics that help identify fraudulent transactions.
  • Self-serviced (fewer attendants needed)
  • Built-in loyalty program helps attract customers and improve sales.
  • Communication with Auto Tank Gauging provides one total solution for petrol stations
  • Collect odometer reading and other data from vehicles to generate reports such as fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance.
  • Designed to cope with unstable power sources.
  • Continuous operation in all conditions -25°C to +55°C
  • Restrict fuel usage by volume per vehicle/ driver/ time
  • Compatible with any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter.
  • Manage every drop of fuel, everyday
  • Control up to 16 storage tanks and 64 nozzles simultaneous!
  • Easily toggle control of the fuel dispensers between back office and outdoor (at the dispenser).
  • Obtain summarized transactional data in real time. Account for shift, day and other operational data easily.
  • Print receipts easily from the system with the touch of a button
  • Display your company details/ logo on transactional receipts.
  • Download / upload data directly to/ from your company’s management system.
  • Capture statistics for your tank loading with ease.

  • The fuel card module can recharge, disable, check balance and issue cards by amount or volume for fleet and individual customers alike. Below are the
    types of fuel cards that can be issued:
    Prepaid Cards: Available as primary or supplementary cards. A primary card can allocate amounts to supplementary cards for different vehicles
    under the same primary account.
    Credit Cards: For credible / VIP customers.
    Employee Cards: Internal cards for station attendants to assist customers with retail / cash sales. Employee cards also help track performance
    and can improve an employee’s efficiency.
    Maintenance Cards: For technicians and others station maintenance staff
    Loyalty Cards: To set up a loyalty program (promotional campaign) that can be tailored it to suite your business needs and can be based on fuel
    amount, fuel volume, time of fueling, payment, type of fuel, account type etc. Loyalty cards are available in smart chip cards and bar code cards.
  • The different management level and authority assignment helps in ensuring data security.
  • The system can be integrated to an Automatic Tank Gauging System(ATG) that enables tank management and real time monitoring of up to 16 tanks.
  • Transaction data can be stored by fuel type, customer name, payment amount, transaction time among other parameters. Custom reports can be
    generated with advance query conditions.
  • Anoptional SMS module, can automatically notify the customer or manager via SMS once refueling is complete.

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