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VEGABAR 39 Pressure sensor

The universal pressure transmitter VEGABAR 39 measures gases, vapours, and liquids up to 130 °C and has a metallic measuring cell. Reduced installation effort and more efficient stock management are guaranteed by the optional universal connection for sanitary adapters. The sensor features a screen that may be operated locally and shows a coloured 360-degree status display.

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  • Benefits
  • Function
  • Technical Data
  • Materials
  • Housing versions
  • Electronics versions
  • Approvals
  • Adjustment
  • Electrical connection
  • Dimensions
  • Universal use thanks to completely welded metallic measuring cell
  • Clearly visible coloured 360° status indication, display and on-site adjustment with VDMA menu structure
  • Convenient wireless setup and diagnostics with smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Easy integration into control systems through a variety of connection technologies and IO-Link communication

The heart of the pressure transmitter is the pressure measuring cell transforming the pressure into an electrical signal. This pressuredependent signal is convereted by the integrated electronics into a standardized output signal.

Sensor element with VEGABAR 39 is a fully completely metallic measuring cell with stainless steel diaphragm.

For measuring ranges up to 100 bar, a piezoresistive sensor element with internal transmission liquid is used. From 250 bar a strain gauge sensor element on the rear of the stainless steel diaphragm is used. This dry system operates without additional isolating liquid.

Measuring ranges

-1 … +1000 bar/-100 … +100 MPa

(-14.5 … +14500 psig)

Smallest measuring range

0.4 bar/40 kPa (5 psig)


< 0.3 %

Output signal

4 … 20 mA

Process fitting

Thread from G¼, ¼ NPT, hygienic fittings from DN 25

Process temperature

-40 … +130 °C (-40 … +266 °F)

SIP process temperature

+150 °C (+302 °F) with brief vapour strati- fication

Ambient, storage and transport temperature

-40 … +70 °C (-40 … +140 °F)

Bluetooth standard

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth range

typically 25 m (82 ft)

Operating voltage

12 … 35 V DC

Protection rating

up to IP66/IP67 acc. to EN 60529/IEC 529, up to Type 6P NEMA/UL 50E

The wetted parts of the device such as the process fitting and measuring diaphragm are made of 316L. Depending on the process fitting, the process seal is made of Klingersil C-4400, EPDM or FKM.

The housing is made of stainless steel 316L as well as plastic PBT and
is available in protection classes up to IP66/IP67.

In addition to the two-wire electronics 4 … 20 mA, three-wire electronics with I/O link as well as 4 … 20 mA and transistor outputs are also possible. Depending on the electronics, connection is made via plug acc. to ISO 4400 or M12 x 1.

Worldwide approvals are available for VEGA instruments, e.g. for use in
hazardous areas, on ships or in hygienic applications. For approved devices (e.g. with Ex approval) the technical data in the respective safety instructions are applicable.

Adjustment on site
On-site adjustment of the device is carried out via the integrated display and adjustment unit.

Wireless adjustment via Bluetooth
The Bluetooth version of the device enables wireless connection to smartphones/tablets (iOS/Android) or Windows PCs.

Wireless connection to notebook or smartphone/tablet
Operation is via a free app from the " Apple App Store", the " Google Play Store" or the " Baidu Store". Alternatively, adjustment can also be carried out via PACTware/DTM and a Windows PC.

Adjustment via PACTware or app

Plug according to ISO 4400

Wiring plan - two-wire 4 … 20 mA - plug according to ISO 4400

  • Voltage supply and signal output

M12 x 1 plug

Wiring plan - two-wire 4 … 20 mA - M12 x 1 plug

  • Voltage supply and signal output

imensions VEGABAR 39

  • Thread G½ (EN 837), manometer connection
  • Thread G1 (ISO 228-1)
  • Clamp 2" PN 40, ø 64 mm (DIN 32676, ISO 2852)

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