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Gilbarco Encore Series Fuel Dispenser

Can new dispensers produce new revenue? They can if you decide to go with the Gilbarco Veeder-Root Encore family. Encore has what you need, whether you're seeking for a brand-new appearance, the highest level of stability, a better flexible fuel option, or a completely different approach to marketing your business.

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  • ENCORE ® 700 S
  • The most advanced Pump and Dispenser product line
  • Provides advanced custom solutions
  • Unique look
  • Focused on attaching customers to your fuel station.

The industry’s most trusted dispenser

Secure your competitive advantage and increase profits with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Encore® 700 S – your best dispenser investment for today and tomorrow.

Highly secure, powerful CRIND® electronics build a flexible and innovative platform for your changing forecourt marketing and payment needs. Enjoy peace of mind with a leading foundation that is highly secure today and upgradeable to meet the payment security and technology needs of tomorrow.

  • RELIABLE: Gilbarco’s proven and time-tested design guarantees most forecourts and widest range of conditions
  • FLEXIBILITY: Encore® 700 S offers most configurations and options to fit your forecourt
  • EMV-READY: The industry’s most secure Encore 700 S is the cornerstone of Gilbarco’s EMV® suite of products
  • EASY SERVICE: Engineered with easy access and quick turn time for servicing and maintenance
  • RICH MEDIA: Encore® 700 S runs a variety of marketing and rich multimedia programs including Applause TV at the pump.

Your customers are demanding more and more alternative fuel options. Encore® Flexible Fuel Dispensers help broaden your fuel offering while keeping the fueling experience simple and safe. With the industry’s broadest set of flexible fuel options, Encore offers up to five product selections from one fueling position. It’s a smart investment that lets you maximize branding and sales opportunities, while keeping the number of tanks needed to a minimum. All with the unmatched durability and reliability you expect from the industry leader in flexible fuels. The NJ4 is a Multi-Hose Hybrid Blender, allowing you to offer three grades of blended gasoline, as well as two additional blended grades of alternative fuel that blend through their own individual hoses. Combined with clear signage, this feature prevents mis-fueling at the pump.

The Encore Flexible Fuel dispenser comes with all the same selling tools and value-added options as a traditional Encore unit:

  • OPTIONS: Optional NL3 configuration (2 discrete grades) also available
  • EMV-READY: No EMV worries with the Encore® Flex Fuel Dispensers
  • RICH MEDIA: Applause™ TV or Applause Media System on 10.4" color screenis available.

Offering alternative fuels? Look no further than the Encore® Dispenser line. With our Encore®CNG, It’s never been easier to bring compressed natural gas (CNG) to your forecourt. Encore® CNG offers a familiar interface to your customers, a seamless experience from gasoline to CNG fueling, and provides you a seamless integration with your existing forecourt controller. It provides a safe, fast and complete fill with maximum flexibility and connectivity to the ANGI compression system.



Temperature-compensated fill rate with optimized, electronically controlled software. Positive shut-off, actuated ball valves with hydrocarbon and motion sensors provide industry-leading safety.


Ties to your existing forecourt controller — minimizes impact to your site payment network and saves the cost of a separate POS system .


Integrates with the ANGI compression system to provide three possible tiers of remote monitoring and configuration capabilities. Increase your site uptime with our connectivity.


Increase throughput, streamline transactions, shorten wait time, and enhance your customer’s experience with Encore’s familiar interface and intuitive design. Available in 1- or 2-sided models.


Configurable for 3-Bank or Direct-fill site configurations. One dispenser for hi-flow and standard flow applications — fill cars or buses from the same dispenser and increase throughput for your site.

Pump up to 60 gpm* combined flow rate when using a master and satellite simultaneously --with all the convenience of pay-at-pump. It’s the fastest way to pump and pay! The truck stop environment requires rugged solutions that are both durable and reliable, because time is money to you and your customers. Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Ultra-Hi flow masters and satellites for retail truck stops are made to last and they cut in half the amount of time it takes to pump and pay. You can sell more fuel during busy periods and your customers get back on the road faster. Our Encore® models combine to offer the most rugged, economical and flexible choices for truck stop fueling.


A variety of configurations to provide many options for your fuel island layout


Cuts in half the amount of time to pump and pay


Familiar Encore® interface and fueling experience


Encore® modular dispenser electronics make it easy to upgrade in the future

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