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Baltur Burner TBG Series

Low NOx and CO gas-fired burners, EN676 “Classe III”. Single stage operation (on/off). Compatible with any type of combustion chamber, according to EN303 standard. High blowing efficiency, low electrical input, low noise. Air-gas mixing at blast-pipe. Burnt gas recycling blast-pipe able to achieve very low pollutant emissions, particularly with regard to nitrous oxides (NOx). Maintenance facilitated by the fact that the mixing unit can be removed without having to remove the burner from the boiler. Control of comburent air flow. Gas regulation by means of a two-stage working valve that is electromagnetically driven. Ability to add a valves seal control device to the train. Comes with a 7-poles connector, 1 flange and 1 insulating seal to connect the burner to the application.

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  • Description
  • Variants
  • Light die-cast aluminium ventilation unit.
  • High performance centrifugal fan.
  • Air intake with butterfly gate for the regulation of the air combustion flow rate.
  • Sliding boiler coupling flange to adapt the head protrusion to the various types of boilers.
  • Adjustable blast-pipe with stainless steel nozzle and deflector disk in steel.
  • Flame viewer.
  • Mono-phase electric motor to run fan for TBG 45, three-phase for TBG 60.
  • Air pressure switch to ensure the presence of combustion air.
  • Manual air flow adjustment.
  • Gas train including safety and 1°/2° stage working valve that is electromagnetically driven, minimum pressure gauge, pressure adjuster and gas filter.
  • Flame scanning by ionization electrode.
  • Synoptic control panel with led of operation and block and burner off, operation and block indicator.
  • Sequence controller – EN 298..
  • Built-in PCB into the control panel .
  • Error proof connectors for gas train electrical supply.
  • 7 pole outlet for burner electrical and thermostat supply.
  • Prepared for microamperometer connection with ionization cable.
  • Electrical protection rating IP44
Minimum capacity (kW)
Maximum capacity (kW)
17320010 TBG 35 50Hz 80 410
17325410 TBG 35 60Hz 80 410
17200010 TBG 45 50Hz 100 450
17205410 TBG 45 60Hz 100 450
17270010 TBG 60 50Hz 120 600
17275410 TBG 60 60Hz 120 600


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