Emco Wheaton

AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Emco Wheaton products. Emco Wheaton has been a supplier of fluid transfer systems and accessories for over 100 years. From top and bottom loading arms to loading single or multi-compartment trailer trucks, to more complex marine loading systems capable of handling a multitude of liquids, Emco Wheaton always has quality solutions.

Tank Truck Equipment

Our equipment is tailored to fit into many operations, vehicles and bulk plant requirements. All components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that your product is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment. Our equipment complies with many industry standards and recommended practices, including ISO 9000/2000 approval, ensuring our methods and manufacturing procedures are monitored consistently, resulting in quality approved equipment time after time.

Data Plus

Emco Wheaton's latest generation Data Plus Electronic Pump Metering System (EPMS) utilizes sophisticated electronic control technology together with proven engineered components creating an integrated pump metering solution which delivers intuitive, user-friendly operation. The new modular system incorporates an intuitive, easy to use large screen display enabling the operator to easily control the metering system through the Display Key Pad.

Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton is the leading global provider of total solutions for customers needing to transfer or store hazardous gasses and liquids in bulk. Emco manufactures a variety of marine, road and rail loading arms as well as a comprehensive range of accessories. Our strong brand names include Emco Wheaton, Perolo, CE-LSI and AARIG are synonymous with product quality and customer satisfaction.

Emco Wheaton Refueling Systems

We supply a range of solutions for your fueling challenges. Emco Wheaton's automatic shut-off fueling systems have been developed for transit buses, mining and other off-highway vehicles, gantry cranes, and locomotives. Over wing fueling solutions have been developed for general and military aviation including small aircraft and helicopters.

Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK Couplers & Adapters

Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAK couplers and DRY-BREAK adapters are designed for total safety. Fluid cannot flow until the Emco Wheaton coupler has been locked into position on an Emco Wheaton Adapter and the valve opened. The coupler can only be disconnected from the adapter when the valve has been closed. Since product loss is thereby eliminated, possible hazards associated with leakage at disconnect are no longer a concern. DRY-BREAK couplers and adapters are rated for a working pressure of 85 psi (PN 6) and are available in sizes ranging from 1-inch up to 3-inch in diameter with a variety of body construction and seal materials available.

Access Equipment

The majority of tanker access is required for loading or unloading, however in many cases operators need to have access to tanker tops to check security of man-lids or sample product. The most common form of tanker access and enclosure is the Folding Stair, these can be configured with a range of steps and step widths together with safety baskets. In case of a high variance of tankers and large working areas, a complex protecting grating system may be the better solution.