Solutions for Pumps / Metering Skids

AYTC metering pump skids are custom engineered packaged assemblies for accurate injection, mixing, metering, blending or treatment of any liquid or chemical. The heart of the metering system is the pump. AYTC offers several different configurations of pumps / meters to pump liquids at precise flow rates that can be adjusted manually or automatically.

Motor Pumps

Our electro-pump units are designed to handle non-aggressive chemical and petrochemical fluids. These units are typically installed in classified areas (with explosion or fire hazard), however special constructions as per client specifications are also available.

F-Model Turbine Pump Mobile Unit

Coro-Flo pump skid with an engine drive. This is a mobile package designed for liquid transfer applications.

Z-Model Pump Unit

Coro-Vane pump skid with a V-belt configuration. This is a stationary package designed for liquid transfer applications.

Diesel Engine Motor Pumps

Diesel engine motor pump units are designed to handle non-aggressive chemical and petrochemical fluids and to be installed in classified areas (with explosion or fire hazard), unless the customer requests special constructions for specific uses.

Drum Refuelers

AYTC custom builds 4-wheeled drum refuelers for solvents and industrial fluids, that allow fully automatic, repeatable and variable preset of the quantity to be delivered using an electronic register that controls the outlet valve.

Pump Metering Skids

AYTC custom builds metering and pumping skids upon request. This configuration makes the installation easier and faster while optimizing available space. A special transformation kit is also available that easily converts this unit into a 4-wheeled version.

Dispensing & Measuring Systems for Trucks

We custom build dispensers and measuring systems for trucks similar to those used in petrol stations. The idea was to offer the truck manufacturer a defined platform which was self-sufficient and only requires connecting a few pipes. The concept has been a success ever since, and the quality of the product is such that we offer a 3-year warranty on these measuring systems.

Low Volume Fuel Delivery Unit

This custom built unit is a self-contained, demountable fuel dispensing unit which has been designed to meet the needs of fuel distributors who’s customers require low volume ‘Metered’ deliveries of fuel into plant equipment, building sites, generators, boats, green houses and other sites which may have difficult access and where it may not be cost effective or practical to send a conventional fuel delivery tanker. The unit, when required, can quickly be mounted in the back of a van, pick-up or drop side truck together with an IBC or small demountable tank and deployed for delivery. It contains 12V battery, which can be trickle charged from the vehicle charging system, provides power for the 90 LPM electric pump unit which is automatically started and stopped by the meter preset and stop/start facility.

Multifunctional Truck Metering Systems

AYTC offers a range of truck meter systems which combine world renowned Liquid Controls flow meters and ultrasonic air sensors with industry proven Corken pumps.  System variants offer mechanical or electronic registration, hose reel and bulk metering with wet or dry hose delivery options.  The TE550 system offers the ultimate in electronic metering and gives significant operational and administrative benefits to the user.  Multi-functional software allows variable set up and control of the delivery system while providing comprehensive management information such as end of shift reports showing number of deliveries, grades and volumes delivered.  The TE550 system can be programmed with up to 8 named products thus ensuring optimum accuracy for all deliveries and elimination of the product losses associated with conventional mechanical metering systems.
Controllability and safety can be enhanced further with AYTC’s radio remote STOP / START system, which can be integrated with the TE550 to provide fingertip control of the tanker delivery systems from the end of the delivery hose.