Electronic Meter Registers

AYTC offers a comprehensive range of Sampi electronic meter registers. Sampi's electronic registers are state of the art, fully programmable and capable of driving any meter giving a pulse signal, either for direct or remote mounting, especially designed for both terminal and truck. These registers offer all the flow measurement and control functions expected in the most advanced loading systems.

LectroCount™ Electronic Registers Lap Pad

VT-100 terminal emulator that programs and displays all operational functions of an LCR-II.
Large, tactile feel, easy to operate alpha/numeric keyboard.
Dual-line prompting display (40 characters per line) is backlit for easy viewing. Prompting function provides operator assistance when needed (alternate languages available).
Umbilical cable permits operation within 9-ft. radius of LCR-II

LectroCount XL LED Remote Display

The LectroCount XL LED Remote Display displays metered product volumes in a large format so they can be read from long distances. Volume readouts appear as six 2¼" high digits, each consisting of 18 red LED lights, and are discernible from up to 250 feet away. The LectroCount XL LED Remote Display conforms to NEMA 4X environmental ratings and is compatible with LectroCount LCR 600®, LectroCount LCR-II®, and legacy LectroCount registers. Each unit comes standard with a Gallons label and a set of four additional unit of display labels, including Pounds, Liters, Liters Volume Corrected to 15° C, and Gallons Volume Corrected to 60° F.

TE550 Truck III

Truck III is going to deeply evolve the way flow measurement is performed on your tanker truck. This new electronic register is not just accurate and reliable, but it offers unique features still unmatched by the market. Truck III runs on any kind of metering technology and it can manage up to 6 product categories and 2 meters. Each category can be further customized by selecting up to 5 commercial names. It guides the operator in the daily deliveries, by means of a user friendly interface, functional keys and printer sharing functionality. TRUCK III can be easily integrated in remote tracking systems and it is equipped with a remote display functionality that lets you monitor all fleet deliveries... in real time!

Data Plus

Emco Wheaton's latest generation Data Plus Electronic Pump Metering System (EPMS) utilizes sophisticated electronic control technology together with proven engineered components creating an integrated pump metering solution which delivers intuitive, user-friendly operation. The new modular system incorporates an intuitive, easy to use large screen display enabling the operator to easily control the metering system through the Display Key Pad.