Spiral Wound Gaskets

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Spiral Wound Gasket is the ideal gasket in the semi-metallic category. A narrow strip of V-shap metal hoop is spirally wound under tension with a filler cushion between the lami nation of the metal and is spot-welded at both ends.
- This unique construction of a spring-like metal and soft filler provides gasket excellent characteristics.
- Resistance to high temperature and high pressures.
- Great resilience which allows the gasket to adjust automatically to change in operating conditions, such as pressure and thermal shocks, vibrations etc.
- Excellent sealability is maintained with comparatively small gasket area.
- Good tolerance for flange surface finish irregularities.
- Can be designed to any dimensions economically in circular or moderately non-circular shape.
- Available in a variety of hoop metals and filler materials to satisfy specific operating conditions.

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