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Wika Pressure Sensors

'Pressure' is a physical quantity that is converted into an industry-standard signal via a pressure sensor (or pressure transmitter). We provide customized versions of pressure sensors for the semiconductor sector, the food industry, mobile working machines, medicinal gases, and a wide range of pressure sensors for common industrial applications. Our collection of pressure sensors includes models with accuracy starting at 0.05%, measurement ranges ranging from 0.05 bar to 15,000 bar, digital interfaces like CANopen and IO-Link, as well as a number of international approvals, including those for hazardous regions.

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  • Model A-10
  • Model A-1200
  • Models WUD-20-E, WUD-25-E, WUD-26-E
  • Models WUD-20, WUD-25, WUD-26
  • Model DSS18T
  • Model A2G-45


  • Machine building
  • Ship building
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Pumps and compressors

Special Features

  • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 0.05 to 0 ... 1,000 bar [0 ... 1 to 0 ... 15,000 psi]
  • Non-linearity 0.25 % or 0.5 %
  • Output 4 ... 20 mA, DC 0 ... 10 V, DC 0 ... 5 V and others
  • Electrical connection: Angular connector form A and C, circular connector M12 x 1, cable outlet 2 m [6 ft]
  • Process connection G ¼ A DIN EN ISO 1179-2, ¼ NPT and others


The model A-10 pressure transmitter for general industrial applications is not only notable for its compact design, but it also offers excellent quality at an extremely competitive price. The user can choose between a non-linearity of 0.25 % and 0.5 %. A free test certificate provides information on the measuring points recorded during manufacture.

The model A-10 pressure transmitter is set up for worldwide use through the international cULus and EAC certification. The various pressure units and process connections required for particular operating conditions are available at short notice.

Applications of the pressure sensor with IO-Link

  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Automation engineering
  • Special-purpose machine building

Special features

  • Industry 4.0-ready IO-Link sensor improves connectivity and diagnostics
  • Designed for rough demands of up to 1,000 g shock and -40 ... +125 °C [-40 ... +257 °F]
  • Optimised design makes OEM machine integration easier
  • Multicolour 360° LED status display simplifies troubleshooting and localisation


The model A-1200 is a pressure sensor without display that can be flexibly programmed via IO-Link and used in a variety of ways − whether for pressure monitoring or as an electronic PNP/NPN switch for process control.

More safety through digital connectivity
Thanks to IO-Link, the model A-1200 pressure sensor is ideal for use in intelligent machines. To ensure precise measurement results over the long term, the pressure sensor has integrated diagnostic functions that monitor the instrument status. In addition, the model A-1200 can be configured externally and conveniently via the digital signal and adjusted at any time.

Robust and durable, even in harsh environments
The robust version of pressure sensor with IO-Link has been designed specifically for extreme environmental conditions. With a welded M12 x 1 connector, this can easily withstand shock loads of up to 1,000 g. It is designed for medium temperatures between -40 ... +125 °C and can therefore be integrated into almost any application. Downtime and associated maintenance expenses and costs decrease significantly due to the stable design.

Simple OEM integration
The integration of the model A-1200 pressure sensor into OEM series production is accomplished quickly. The sensors can be preset by WIKA based on the customer‘s desired parameters. Alternatively, automated IO-Link programming can shorten the configuration time in the factory.

Fast maintenance thanks to visual feedback
A 360° LED status display provides visual information about the sensor status. The green (OK), yellow (critical state) or red (error) signal enables intuitive and fast error detection and correction. For maintenance, a blinking function via IO-Link facilitates the clear localisation of a pressure sensor. Confusion is prevented and maintenance is accelerated.


  • Semiconductor, display and photovoltaic industry
  • Ultrapure gas supply in semiconductor production systems

Special Features

  • Highest process safety through file over EtherCAT®
  • Expanded spectrum of features
  • Scalable quantities and individual adaptations for OEM applications
  • Maximum plant safety through cable redundancy


The WUD-2x-E model is a particularly compact, ultra high purity transducer for high-accuracy pressure measurement of ultrapure gases in the semiconductor industry. It is the first transducer to use the SDP 5003.2080 and offers maximum security of investment. Due to minimal signal noise, the sensor provides precise measured values in the long term. Thanks to active temperature compensation, even with high temperature fluctuations. Measured values can be viewed on the display.

Highest process safety through file over EtherCAT®
Thanks to EtherCAT®, the model WUD-2x-E does not have to be disconnected from the network for firmware updates or troubleshooting. This avoids production downtime due to incorrect installation or removal, maximises process safety and allows updating of the instruments.

Expanded spectrum of features
New functions thanks to the digital interface: In addition to pressure values, temperature data or error status can also be transmitted.

Instruments can thus be monitored extensively and problems detected at an early stage.Parameters can be configured digitally and transferred from a defective instrument to a new one. The sensor can even be replaced while the EtherCAT® system is running, using the hot-swap feature. This means less downtime and lower costs.

Scalable quantities and individual adaptations for OEM applications
Production takes place with a high degree of automation in a clean room. The high production capacity offers security of supply. Via model coding, solutions with individually configured connections are enabled.

Maximum plant safety through cable redundancy
The model WUD-2x-E features two RJ-45 connections. The cable redundancy enables trouble-free communication, even if one sensor in the system fails. The benefit: Greater process safety with reduced risk of downtime.


  • Semiconductor, flat panel display and photovoltaic industry
  • Ultrapure gas supply in semiconductor production systems

Special features

  • High-accuracy pressure measurement 0.15 % RSS
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Signal noise cancellation and shielding
  • Vacuum-referenced pressure measurement
  • Active temperature compensation


The WUD-2x series ultra high purity transducers combine state-of-the-art transducer concepts with analogue output signals. Thus the safest and most accurate pressure measurements necessary for today’s market requirements are provided. Pressure measurement, based on a true vacuum reference, and electronic measures for interference shielding and signal noise cancellation ensure high-accuracy pressure measurement and excellent long-term stability. Active temperature compensation reduces the impact of changing temperatures on the transducer, allowing safe operations even in applications with high fluctuations in temperature, e.g. Joule-Thomson effect in the case of gas expansion. WUD-25 (flow through) and WUD-26 (surface mount)transducers are specifically designed to sustain torsionapplied stresses often incurred during installation. The special design of the thin-film sensor eliminates the risk of sensor failure due to loads at the process connection or welded joints.

The WUD-2x can be readily installed in “on-tool” gas distribution systems. The bright LED display is rotatable and easy to read from any position. Application-specific monitoring and control operations can be realised via two programmable switch outputs.

With its small footprint the WUD-2x is the most compact UHP transducer in the market. Thus it is optimally suited for installation in applications with limited mounting space, and even in existing plants it can be easily retrofitted.


  • Hygienic pressure measurement in sanitary applications for the food and beverage industry
  • For dairies, dairy products, breweries and soft drink production
  • Mounting to pipelines and vessels with 4 ... 20 mA output signal
  • For gases, vapour; liquid, pasty, powdery and crystallising media

Special features

  • Quick cleaning, without residue
  • Milk thread fitting per DIN 11851
  • Suitable for cleaning out of place (COP)


Diaphragm seal systems are used to protect the pressure measuring instrument from aggressive, adhesive, crystallising, corrosive, highly viscous, environmentally hazardous or toxic media. The diaphragm made of stainless steel provides for the separation from the medium. The pressure is transmitted to the measuring instrument via the system fill fluid which is inside the diaphragm seal system. The DSS18T complies with all requirements of the food industry. The milk thread fitting enables a hygienic process connection. The requirements of COP (cleaning out of place) are fulfilled.

The diaphragm seal systems can withstand the cleaning vapour temperatures occurring in the SIP processes and thus ensure a sterile connection between the medium to be measured and the diaphragm seal. The proven, all-welded construction ensures a long service life and permanent sealing. The DSS18T is used for pressure measurement in various process steps, e.g. filtration, separation, pasteurisation, and in filling systems.


  • For monitoring the differential pressure of air and other non-inflammable and non-aggressive gases
  • Differential pressure monitoring in filters and clean rooms

Special features

    • Electrical output signal 0 ... 10 V (3-wire)
    • Simple and quick mounting
    • Maintenance-free
    • Maximum operating pressure 20 kPa


The model A2G-45 differential pressure transducer combines a local differential pressure display, measured value transmission and differential pressure switching in a single instrument and is therefore mainly used in the ventilation and air-conditioning industry.

A second switch relay and/or an automatic zero point setting are optionally available. The compact and robust measuring instrument impresses with its intuitive operation. The setting of different switch points for rising and falling differential pressure make the A2G-45 very flexible and adaptable in use.

Through the use of the model A2G-45 differential pressure transducer the number of conventional measuring instruments otherwise used can be reduced considerably.

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