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Wika Flow Switches

The display and monitoring of the flow of liquid and gaseous media is done using flow switches. The instruments have low switch hysteresis, high switching precision, and functional safety. The user can continuously set the switch point.

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  • Model FSM-6100
  • Model FSD-4
  • Model FSFD
  • Heating, cooling, air-conditioning and water treatment plants
  • Pumps and dosing systems
  • Operational controls to prevent system failures in the absence of supply of water or liquid

Special features

  • Switch point repeatability of ±0.5 % for reliable switching
  • High-quality bellows and microswitch for a service life of > 500,000 cycles
  • Rigid paddles from stainless steel to withstand pressure surges and high medium temperatures


The model FSM-6100 electromechanical flow switch is designed for the detection of interrupted flow (“no flow”) of water and other non-corrosive liquids in industrial coolers, heaters or other industrial pipelines.

The flow switch signal is used for operational controls that prevent system failure, e.g. due to ice formation in the absence of cooling water flow.

The cost-effective flow switch is enclosed by a plastic case. The ingress protection of IP30 protects it from unwanted ingress of foreign bodies.

The model FSM-6100 is equipped with UL-listed microswitches and protective bellows to ensure high durability with continuous operation and a long service life.

The range of flow ranges, with pipe sizes from 25 ... 150 mm [1 ... 6 in], enables use for flow measurement in a variety of applications with non-critical media.


  • Control of cooling lubricant systems
  • Monitoring of coolant circuits
  • Control of filter units
  • Dry run protection in pumps

Special features

  • Wear-free flow monitoring of liquid media using them calorimetric principle
  • Flexibly configurable switching and analogue outputs for flow and temperature
  • Easily parameterisable via 3-button operation or optionally via IO-Link 1.1
  • Exact adaptation to the conditions on-site


The model FSD-4 electronic flow switch offers full flexibility in monitoring and controlling flow based on the velocities of liquid media. The switch points of the model FSD-4 can be freely configured very easily via the 3-button operation directly on the instrument or optionally via IO-Link. The model FSD-4 can output both absolute values in various units and relative flow values and display them on the digital indicator.

Exact matching to the conditions on-site
The flow is determined by many factors such as the pipe diameter, the system set-up or the medium. Therefore, depending on the application, the actual flow value may differ from the calibrated value. Thanks to the teach function, the model FSD-4 can be set to the zero point and the maximum flow at the respective measuring location and thus optimally adjusted to the measuring conditions. The compression fitting on the flow switch offers additional flexibility. Depending on the pipe diameter, the immersion depth and alignment can be individually adjusted.

Flexibly configurable switching outputs
Depending on the configuration, the model FSD-4 has up to two switch points plus analogue output, which can be freely programmed. Since the switch determines its flow data using a calorimetric measurement principle, the second switching output can also be enabled for a temperature value, while the first outputs a switching signal using the flow value. The flow switch can thus additionally be used for simple temperaturecontrolled processes.

Easy access via IO-Link version 1.1
The parameters are set either via 3-button operation on the instrument or, optionally, via IO-Link. When changing the instrument, the settings for the respective measuring location can be transferred directly to the new flow switch. This eliminates the need for any repeat parameterisation at the measuring location and reduces the necessary integration effort. With IO-Link, additional functions such as an operating hours counter or max value memory can be called up and used for condition monitoring.


Detection of the flow in wet sprinkler systems once the sprinkler has been triggered

Special features

  • Adjustable time delay mechanism to avoid false alarms during water surges
  • Tamper-proof cover prevents unauthorised access to the switch point setting
  • IP56/NEMA 4 ingress protection enables the instrument to be used indoors and outdoors
  • Two sets of microswitches activate the control panel and the local audible warnings
  • Two cable duct openings enable easy connections to terminal blocks


The model FSFD was developed to detect the water flow in wet sprinkler systems once the sprinkler has been triggered. The flow switch is fitted with a pneumatic time delay mechanism that can be set from 0 ... 70 seconds via an adjustment dial to avoid false alarms during water surges.

The tamper-proof screws on the cover prevent unauthorised access to the switch point setting. The robust design, with IP56/NEMA4 ingress protection, is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. For error-free installation, the direction of flow is indicated on the case and on the saddle.

The model FSFD has two cable duct openings for two sets of SPDT switches (form C) in a fused terminal block, which provides a direct electrical connection to control panels and local audible warnings.

Since the flow switch is designed for pipe sizes from 2 ... 8" in various pipe schedules, it provides a complete solution for construction projects.

The model FSFD has been designed for improved sensitivity
and repeatability of the switch point and has UL and FM certifications.

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