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Chicago Hose Couplings

A convenient quick connect system to mate varying diameters of hose as all sizes up to 1″ are interchangeable. Sizes over 1″ have a four lug design.  Universal couplings do not interchange with sandblast, Minsup, or European style couplings of similar design.

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  • Description

Connect varying sizes of hose and fittings with ease, all Chicago type hose couplings interchange through 1′. Chicago Couplings 1″ and under have a 2-lug head design that mates with any 2-lug coupling regardless of hose or thread diameter. All couplings over 1″ have a 4-lug design that interchanges between all 4 lug sizes. If you have a coupling larger than 1″ with a 2-lug design, it is probably a sandblast coupling or an interchange from overseas.

Split one larger hose into two smaller diameter lines with a Chicago Y coupling. Dead-end a line with a Chicago coupling blank end cap. Need to branch off from a custom manifold ? Send us a message, we love a good hose and coupling challenge. We look forward to hearing from you.

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