Fill-Rite NX25-240NB-AA (AC240V, 95 LPM) Continuous Duty Fuel Transfer Pump with Hose & High Flow Nozzle

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Fill-Rite NX25-240NB-AA (AC240V, 95 LPM) Continuous Duty Fuel Transfer Pump with Hose & High Flow Nozzle

The NX25-120 Series continuous duty fuel transfer pumps from Fill-Rite operate effectively and continuously while having a very low total cost of ownership.

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The NX25-120NF-AA model is a 120V AC, 25 GPM premiere fuel transfer pump. This pump and accessory bundle comes complete with a hose, nozzle, and installation components.

  • Unmatched Performance - Pumps 25% faster, eliminating hours of costly driver downtime while filling up equipment
  • Continuous Operation – brushless variable speed motor transfers fuel all day without overheating, extending pump life and eliminating driver downtime
  • Energy Efficient - Consumes up to 45% less electricity, slashing operating costs and boosting efficiency
  • Ultra-Lightweight – pump weighs 60% less at only 25 pounds, making installation faster and strain free
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs — 75% reduction in common field repair costs through patented design and robust construction
  • Powder-Coated Exterior – thick powder-coated exterior provides elite protection from corrosion and tough environmental conditions

You work through all kinds of conditions, so why shouldn’t your fuel transfer pump? For over 60 years, Fill-Rite has set the standard for reliable fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories.

Our customers recognize Fill-Rite for its durability and years of elite performance in the field. Proudly manufactured in the USA, Fill-Rite equipment is constructed with heavy-duty materials to withstand rugged everyday use, extreme weather exposure, and both on and off-road applications.

Fill-Rite is supported by a wide network of distributors and retailers, ensuring you will always be able to find replacement parts and rebuild kits for your fuel transfer equipment.

Max Flowrate 25 GPM / 95 LPM
Flowrate Range 0-25GPM
Inlet / Outlet Thread Size (in.) 1 " / 1 "
Duty Cycle Continuous Duty
Motor Power 0.33
Power Type AC
Suction Lift (ft.) 12 '
Dry Vacuum (in. Hg) 11
Max Discharge Pressure 25 PSI
Discharge Head (ft.) 48 '
Max Operating Pressure (PSI) 25
Strainer Mesh Size (micron) 20 x 20 x .008”
  • Discharge Hose: 1” X 18’ UL Listed Hose with Static Ground Wire
  • Nozzle: 1” Ultra Hi-Flow Automatic Diesel Nozzle (Red)
  • Cable Gauge: 16
  • Cable Connection: Bare Leads
Assembled Product Height x Width x Depth (in.) N/A x N/A x 8.25
Assembled Product Weight (lbs.) 21.4
Package Height x Width x Depth (in.) 11.38 x 21.81 x 19.81
Gross Weight (lbs.) 42.000 lbs

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