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Kripflow KN25 High Flow Dispensing Nozzle

Designed with the needs of modern consumers and petrol stations in mind. The KN25 is the most cost-effective solution to your fuelling needs because it was designed with a variety of dispensing applications consideration.

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  • Features
  • Built For Performance
  • High Flow Rate
  • Durable
  • Easy To Use
  • Comfortable. Heavy Duty
  • lu NPT spout
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Easy, one-handed, operation
  • Very high flow rates
  • 50 psi (3.45 bar) maximum pressure
  • Three-position hold open latch
  • Available in 5 colors (red, yellow, green, blue E black)
  • For transfer of gasoline, diesel, bio diesel or kerosen
  • Minimal turbulence, foaming and fake shutoffs

Durable and tough, the KN25 is designed for efficient service and maximum flow.

  • Improves performance and lowers operational costs
  • The curved design offers fluids the path of least resistance.
  • The angled inlet reduces hose wear without restricting flow.
  • Prevents the customer from jamming the nozzle in an open position

The higher the flow rate, the quicker the refueling. Don't let your nozzle slow you down. The KN25 high-flow nozzle can help maximize your productivity, sales and profits.

  • Very high flow rates (26+ GPM) compared to competing brands
  • Three convenient locking positions for different flow rates (hold open latch).
  • For high volume fueling in farm, fleet, construction equipment and service stations.

There is simply no better choice The KN25 rugged heavy-duty nozzle is engineered with durable materials to extend the life of the nozzle.

  • High impact-resistant frame
  • Cycle-tested and proven to last longer than 2 million cycles
  • Body is aluminum sandcast
  • Seals and disc are Nitrile and Viton
  • Weather resistant scuff guard provides added protection

Fueling has never been easier. The K25's ergonomically designed handle offers a comfortable grip for better customer experience.

  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Handle offers comfortable grip while providing room for the use of gloves.
  • Lightweight and balanced,
  • Smooth, even spray pattern minimizes turbulence, diesel foaming and false auto shut-offs.

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