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Our range includes rotary vane positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, turbine pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps, submersible pumps, hand pumps, engine driven pumps, among others suitable for fuel, water & chemical transfer applications. These high capacity pumps feature robust designs to ensure they are durable, explosion-proof, and capable of pumping efficiently in the toughest of environments.
Whether you’re in the transport, terminal, LPG, paints, lubricants, marine, aviation or construction business, Ali Yaqoob Trading has the right pump for you regardless of your fluid or application. Browse our extensive line of pumps below. Or you can always call us or come over for a cup of coffee, we’ll be happy to help!
With over 35 years as the industry’s leading supplier of pumps in UAE, you can be rest assured we’ll find the right pump for you.
We also supply high-quality pumps suitable for both commercial and industrial applications to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Iraq .



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How Does it Work?

The functionality entails a rotating cylinder, with either slots or rotors that house a series of sliding vanes that rotate inside. These rotors are offset in a bore casing, so during rotations, these vanes can easily slide in and out. It further helps in creating expansion and contracting volumes to transfer liquids through the pump.

Vane Pump Applications

Corken vane pumps have been designed to handle various fluids across numerous industrial applications. These pumps are ideal for petroleum transport, fuel loading terminals, bulk plant, mobile (trailers and portable skid units), to name a few. They come in several configurations and can also handle fluids with an expansive range of pressure, and temperatures. Designed using ductile iron casing and motor rotors, the functionality includes pumping out clean fuels, as well as light oils and gas. The vanes display sufficient lubricity, preventing it from moving between the slots and against the interior surface of the casing. Additional features that enhance its efficiency include the following:

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