Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD Pumps UAE)

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD Pumps UAE)

AODD pumps, renowned for their versatility, go by various names depending on the industry. An AODD pump is sometime referred to as a diaphragm pump, pneumatic pump, drum pump, flush pump, lubrication pump, ceramic slip pump, ceramic glaze pump, filter press pump, ink pump, flexo ink pump, UV ink pump, ink circulation pump, varnish pump, glue pump, paste / cream transfer pump, coolant pump, barrel Pump, pneumatic barrel pump, chemical pump, chemical transfer pump, fuel pump, cellar pump, lube oil pump, mud make-up pump, glycol recirculation pump, sludge / slurry pump, acid pump, chemical inhibitors pumps, anti-scaling agents and corrosion inhibitor pumps, rapid filling pumps, draining pump, valve lubrication pump, sealant injection pump, valve flushing pump, wireline grease injection pump, BOP accumulator charging pump, pit pump, sump pump, knock-out drum pump, stripping pump, flush pump, starch transfer pump, filling pump, calcium carbonate powder transfer pump, process pump, dewatering pump and many more. Let us know if we missed any!

The power distribution is a unique reciprocating, spring driven, double diaphragm configuration retaining constant pressure, regardless of the load. Motor amperage is actually reduced as back pressure increases. No Internal Bypass required – the pump automatically goes neutral when the end of hose valve is shut off. These pumps can be configured in materials that are resistant to industrial chemicals and proven to provide complete compatibility coverage for a wide range of fluids.

Our diaphragm pumps are used in various industries and applications including drilling, dredging, well stimulation, coiled tubing, well services (artificial lifts, well intervention, etc.), petroleum tank cleaning, spill control, well testing (hydrotesting) and pressure test units (PTU), skid fabrication, wireline & well control, utility / process, ocean support vessels, offshore marine logistics, marine (docks, shipyards, etc.), ceramic & porcelain printing & packaging (flexo film & labels printing, corrugated boxes, newspaper plants etc.), paint, precious metals refining (gold refineries), chemical industries, water, wastewater, construction, mining and more.. 

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compatible with transmitting numerous fluid types. The spring-driven, double diaphragm design ensures the pump operates at a constant pressure regardless of the load.

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